Monday, November 1, 2010

Day of the Dead, Bread of the Dead, Marionette Pet

Catrina during Day of the Dead
Day of the Dead Walk Through
Day of the Dead is a 2 day holiday that runs on November 1st-2nd.   You can get an achievement and a temporary pet companion.  You also can make some profits off of lazy or clueless players.

Notes: The Marionette is only a temporary pet. It will disappear after the Day of the Dead event is over.
  1. From a cooking supplier and any innkeeper, purchase Ice Cold Milk and Simple Flour.
  2. Go to your race's major city's graveyard. Orcs to Orgrimmar, Humans to Goldshire, Night Elves to Darnassus, Blood Elves to Silvermoon, ect.
  3. Target Catrina and /dance for your achievement, Dead Man's Party.
  4. Purchase two Orange Marigolds from the Day of the Dead vendor.
  5. Use one of the Marigolds to see the ghosts of the graveyard. Find the quest giver and accept the quest The Grateful Dead.
  6. Acquire Bread of the Dead. You can purchase the recipe from the Day of the Dead vendor, Chapman, or just find someone hanging around with extra bread.
  7. Use one of the Marigolds again to see the ghosts and turn in the quest to get your Macabre Marionette pet.
Making Gold
You would be amazed at the number of people who either are too lazy or too time crunched to cook their own bread of the dead.  You can craft and sell these for some easy money during the event and all they require to create is ice cold milk and flour.  You can sell milk and flower on the auction house, but unfortunately these breads cannot be sold on the auction house.  Barking in trade will get you some sales though.  As with any World of Warcraft holiday, setting up shop early will yield the most customers and potential profits.


  1. Sadly, you can't sell the breads on the auctionhouse. The mats you can sell of course.

  2. You cannot list the bread of the dead on the auction house because it has a limited duration. Just tried, didn't work. I guess barking in Trade will have to suffice. Thanks for the article, though!

  3. Damn, just crafted 100 of these before I found out you cannot sell them on the AH. If you could, though, Yes you would make a bloody killing today and tomorrow.

  4. lol I did the same! Luckily, I only crafted 40.


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