Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

The day is here when the little goblins will be out begging for treats and sweets as night time nears.  Happy Halloween boys and ghouls!

Hallow's End is in its final day.  Be sure to read my earlier post about profiteering and Hallow's End wand zaps from earlier this month.  Don't toss those wands.  They can be used all year long for the achievement seekers, are a suitable costume to sell to the nomal savory deviate delight buyers, and can be used for some super easy gold early into next years Hallow's End world holiday event.  As with any of the in game holiday events, planning is the key to profiting early in the events.  So save those wands for Day 1 of next year and start cracking down on stockpiling for Winter's Veil.  Be ahead of the crowd and plan for the next holidays now.

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