Thursday, October 14, 2010

Patch 4.0.1 Major Gem Changes

Winds of Change
Patch 4.0.1 has brought about some crazy changes within the game world.  The ground is shaking from tremors, the cities are filled with people and this patch has turned everything upside down.  One of the major changes for players, crafters, and sellers has been within the selling and socketing of cut gems.

Look Into GemsThere have been many different things that have changed about gems.  Have you scribes even taken yourself away from your mailboxes long enough to see what is up with the gem market?  Have you looked at your gear yet?  Some big things to take note of:
  1. Some stats were removed.  This means gems of those types have been replaced with another stat gem.  Attack Power became Agility.  Spellpower became Intelligence.  Defense became Dodge or Parry.  Armor Pen became Crit.  Mp5 became Spirit.
  2. Some gems have changed color.  Hit is now blue.  Mastery & Dodge are now yellow.  Intelligence is now Red.
  3. Some gems have changed color and stats and may no longer match their sockets.
  4. Sigils, Librams, and Idols now have stats and an unsocketed gem slot.
  5. The removal of the Transmute Cooldown for epic gems is bugged (it still exists) and the eternal markets are flooded.
Strike Now!
All of these changes mean that many players all week long, will be logging in to their various characters and having to regem many of their sockets.  Not just Strength gems, but all kinds of gems are being bought.  Meta's are flying off the auction house too!  With the combining of Frost Emblems and Triumph Emblems into Justice points, many people are gemming and enchanting brand new gear they couldn't afford before the patch.  This is a perfect oppurtunity to unload what you can for a good price before the market starts to collapse once the alchemy cooldown bug is fixed. 


  1. Don't think it's a bug, Cold.

    Think they changed the transmutes to a 24 cycle, resetting at midnight (so at 11pm your cooldown is 1 hr, at 1am it's 24 hrs).

    Apparently it's not going away like everyone expected/hoped.

    Keep up all the great posts! Your info has been very helpful.

  2. Err, I meant to say at 1am your cooldown is 23 hrs.


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