Friday, October 29, 2010

Cataclysm Nears As Markets Crash

Expansions End
Cataclysm is only 5 and a half weeks away.  Some players are starting to unload their materials for super low prices.  As the expansion nears it's end, the market is definately turning in the favor of buyers.  Prices are dropping as supply is overtaking demand.  Many players have started to liquidate items from their banks in order to make room for items that will be better options for holding or increasing in value as an attempt to hedge against inflation.  Some items are dropping so far in value that you shouldn't attempt to even craft them.  Some banker guilds are dissolving and the guilds are going up for sale as players move to bigger guilds to take advantage of the upcoming guild perks.  Now is the time to look for specials, cut deals, and snatch up those underpriced goods.

Special Prices
I have been taking advantage of this amazing drop in prices and have had to purchase yet another guild bank to helps store all of my goods.  Although I did pay 2000g for this new 4 slot guild bank, which is slightly higher than my Guild Bank Tab Price Chart, I was entirely out of storage space.  This price of 2000g was offset by the fact that the new bank I bought had over 2 tabs full of items including stacks of various cloths, potions, 1/2 a tab along of high level greens, a few blue items, bags, and ZG coins.  You should definately be on the lookout for cheap guild banks for your alts as many players are looking to join up with a new guild soon.  Saronite Ore isn't being used by many players lately, at least on my server, and I have been buying out pages of Saronite Ore for less than smelted vendor price (12.5g per stack).  Buying these ores at 10-11g is absolutely no risk at all since the bars vendor for 25g a stack and these are going to go up in value during Cataclysm.  Netherweave cloth is bottoming out as well, I'm seeing stacks reach as low as 2g when they used to go for 6-9g per stack.  Herb prices have dropped back to normal or below average pricing.  Borean leather is down.  Uncut gems, such as Forest Emerald, are dropping to below the vendor price of the cut version.  Rare WotLK gems vendor for 3g and their cut versions vendor for 4.5g.  Snatch up anything less than 4.5g, cut it, and just vendor it for an easy profit.  Eternal earths and regular gems are dropping plenty low to make crafting jewelry to vendor an easy afk money maker.  Be on the look out in all markets for these cheap deals and new ways to make easy profits and you too will be looking for another guild bank to hold all of your newly acquired goods.


  1. This is truly a great time. I just bought up a guild tab of saronite ore for 11g/stack. About to go and recheck the gem market. Time to put that j/c to hard work.

  2. I'm currently buying up all the Borean leather and Netherweave cloth I can get my hands on for very cheap. I bought Leather for 8g a stack, transformed it into Arctic fur which sold for 65g each! I wonder what the price of Arctic fur will be after the expansion, as it is a specialty item and a rare drop but it is used in many applications... will it drop in price like Elemental Fire/Earth/Water/Air from Vanilla, with little value?

  3. I would think that sellers are panicking but buyers remain strong so for at least another two weeks I plan on crafting business as usual. Good post

  4. Well, Im selling now all the stuff that will be devaluated in Cata. But then, who will buy it? Every one is saving for Cata as well.


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