Monday, October 11, 2010

6 Materials To Stockpile Now To Get Rich At Christmas Time

Last week I gave you plenty of notice on stocking up on Small Eggs for profiting off of their sale in the use of cookies and quests during the Winter Veil holiday.

Winter Veil Clothing
Winter Veil is also the time for leatherworkers and tailors to get rich, as well as those supplying the materials they will be using to make endless gold. The Green Winter Clothes, Red Winter Clothes, and Winter Boots are needed to Complete the Winter Garb set for the Achievement. Crafting the boots can easily earn you minimum 25g each and the clothes sell anywhere from 15g to 50g with the opposing factions color reaching 150-200g each. You must visit the opposing capital city and purchase the pattern, which can result in many deaths and corpse runs, but the money you will make will be worth it.

What To Start Stockpiling
The main items that should be snatched cheaply and saved until the holiday starts are:

Wool Cloth
Bolt of Wool
Bolt of Runecloth
Copper Bar
Rugged Leather

You will not be able to find these on the auction house during the first week of Winter Veil.

Last year I took all my wool cloth and made bolts, then posted them for 7g per bolt. I could not keep them in stock. It takes only 3 wool cloth to make a bolt of wool cloth, so you can see how much money that alone made me. That was just using the wool I had left in my bank. This year I will be much better stocked and ready to sell them. The other tailors don't mind paying 7g for a bolt, when they are selling their Winter Clothing for over 100g! Just figure out what the boots and clothes are selling for, make some to post, then sell your mats for a huge profit too. The mailbox will continue to fill up with auction house earnings.


  1. For 2010 Winter Veil won't be the same as it was in the previous years. You're missing one thing: with Cataclysm being released on 7th dec, the lvl 1-60 mats are going to be in abundance in AH, from the (probably thousands per realm) players starting a goblin/worgen (or the new class/race combos).

    Also keep in mind that the new class/race combos will come with patch 4.0.3 which was said to be released before Cataclysm - tho, it's unknown "how much before" - it can be 1 day or 3 weeks before Cata launch. In the end, what 4.0.3 brings is content (old world changes, new race/class combos) that will be available for everyone, regardless if they will buy Cata or not.

  2. @Daeveren
    I really doubt that a 1-3 week early allowance of new racials will translate into enough of an influx of these items to outweigh the demand increase brought on during Winter Veil.

    More new characters means more new purchasers for holiday events, especially since goblins and worgens will be starting fresh on the WALSTIB meta-acheivement.

    The majority of goblins and worgens will be picking the professions they get bonuses in. Skinning for Worgens and Alchemy (and probably herbalism to match) for Horde goblins.

    And with the release of new races and classes early, the demand for runecloth will skyrocket, as people buy it up for Rep turn-ins.

    So I do agree with your statement that Winter Veil will be different this year, but in my opinion it will be even better due to more players, more demand, and more alternate buyers with a completely different use for the cloths.

    I still stand by this post: Buy your materials when you see them cheap, you will be rewarded, if you properly plan for Winter Veil.

  3. Going to agree with Cold here, the demand during the holidays for this stuff is just crazy. Most players leveling up will have already sold off what few mats they picked up. Winter Veil starts over a week after release and even the slowest levelers will be in Outland by then.

    Another hot item is Small Egg, which is needed to make holiday recipes for both a quest and achievement. They'll be going for multiple gold each, especially for the first couple days of Winter Veil, and every bird spawn near a major city will be camped with opportunists. The really clever players, on the other hand, will farm these up long in advance.

  4. Hmm. Rugged leather might be in particularly high demand in the second half of December, Cold. Winter Veil as you say, and also Leatherworking demand, imo:


  5. Runecloth turn-ins won't be necessary really since with the new system people can Champion hometowns in instances while leveling and are generally expected to be exalted by 35 to get a blue quality cloak from their quartermaster.

  6. @Piros

    The Runecloth is for making your Winter Clothing...

    on a side note...already seen players on the goblin trike, so they bought runecloth for turn ins.

  7. i think most people farm rep with goblins for trike with tabards


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