Friday, October 1, 2010

Completing Depleted Items For Profit

Blade's Edge Mountains

What Are They?
Depleted Items are non-equipable items that drop from any of the mobs on either of the plateaus in the Blade's Edge Mountains zone.  These are the 2 areas that house Ogri'la and Bash'irs Landing and both require a flying mount to reach.  All of the mobs and elites in both of these areas can drop Apexis Shards.  All of these items can be upgraded to their equipable forms once they are converted from their depleted state via the inclusion of the appropriate number of apexis shards.  While the shards are Bind-on-PickUp, the depleted items and their appropriate upgrades are all Bind-On-Equip.  Many of us have an excess storage of the shards in the bank from questing, raising rep, or working on Loremaster.  This strategy provides you with an option to utilizing those extra Apexis Shards to turn a profit.  If you check the auction house, you will often find these depleted items selling for a good low price as some people don't understand what they are selling.  Simply buying the depleted items, then adding the shards to upgrade it to sell can turn you a nice profit, if you purchase them at a nice low price.  Here is the complete list of the depleted items and what they upgrade to:

Depleted Two-Handed Axe  -> Apexis Cleaver 

Depleted Sword  -> Crystal Forged Sword 

Depleted Staff  -> Flaming Quartz Staff 

Depleted Ring  -> Dream Crystal Band 

Depleted Mace  -> Apexis Crystal Mace 

Depleted Dagger  -> Crystal-Infused Shiv 

Depleted Cloak  -> Crystal Weave Cape 

Depleted Badge  -> Badge of Tenacity 

Depleted Mail Gauntlets  -> Crystalhide Handwraps

Depleted Cloth Bracers -> Crystalweave Bracers 

All of these items take 50 Apexis Shards to upgrade.  Some of these get significant upgrades due to the addition of gem sockets to their completed counterpart.

Do you have unused Apexis Shards in your bank that could earn you some gold?

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