Friday, October 15, 2010

The Alchemy Epic Gem Cooldown Removal

Did you get caught up in the hype?
Some sites were promoting the possibilty of an epic gem transmutation cooldown removal.  Other people interpretted what was only a possibility as an actual truth.  Let us not forget that you can't believe everything you hear.  Anything is subject to change or could be just speculation. 

What can we learn from the alchemy cooldown removal fiasco? 
Becoming fluent with working the auction house takes more than just following specific advise.  A true auction house player understands various elements of the auction house.  Figuring out what will sell better at what times is a big part of the puzzle.  Forecasting and speculating also can read huge rewards.  In order to be wise about investments you only want to invest in changes that have a very slim chance of not happening.  Stick to blue posts by Blizzard officials that you can count on.  If a site promotes something that is speculation, remember that it is just that - Speculation. 

Divide and Conquer
Some people got caught with a massive stockpile of eternals for use when the cooldown was removed from alchemists.  When it wasn't removed, they were stuck holding onto mass quantaties of rare gems and eternals.  Some auctioneers may not recover from these investments.  Expecting to see some eternals flooding the market soon.  I can't preach enough about diversity.  By playing multiple markets, you can cushion a big hit in one market because your other markets continue to provide income.  The gem and glyph markets should continue to provide increased sales through this weekend as some players are still fumbling to get the patch installed and log in.  The weekend population should be the biggest it has been in a while, so be prepared in all markets.


  1. I've been reading up on 'Glyphmas' on various blogs, and its only Friday and it appears to be over. My speculation is that it was too widely known this time around. I went to check glyph prices for the heck of it last night and things were very reasonably priced; Many were under 10g, and very few were listed at more than 30-40g. Competition was far to fierce to allow serious price gouging like in previous xpacs-patches.

    My thoughts for the future? Herbs of all kinds... The herb market has always been a little cooler than the Ore/Bar market for mats, as there were fewer applications and more supply. With the new tracking feature, farmers will be able to roll Mining and Herbing with ease for the first time. My flower-picker will be working overtime for awhile...

  2. You are only thinking about price for Glyphmas. You are wrong. You should be thinking in terms of profit margin and volume of sales.

  3. Rare gems and Eternal's are still going for more than market price. Hopefully people werent stupid and bought them at insane prices.

  4. I'm predicting another surge of buyers and increased sales starting today as some people can only play on the weekends do to real life commitments. People tend to log onto their alts more on the weekend so people with multiple alts may be gearing out their glyph books and fixing gems this weekend as well, since they were playing around with the changes on their main characters all week.


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