Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hallow's End, The Headless Horseman And Empty Loot-Filled Bags

Sinister Squashling

The New Holiday Loot Bag
Hallow's Eve is here and its time to farm for your mount from the Headless Horseman.  Just like Ahune and Coren Direbrew, the Headless Horseman is now accessible through the Looking-For-Dungeon queue.  And just as the other drops had changed, he now drops a Loot-Filled Pumpkin, which can contain your rare holiday drops.  This pumpkin can only be rewarded once per day per character for your sole chance per day at the rare items.  All of the same item level 200 epic rings still drop off of The Headless Horseman himself.  Within the pumpkin bag, you may find:
  1. Sinister Squashling
  2. Hallowed Helm
  3. The Horseman's Horrific Helm
  4. The Horseman's Baleful Blade
  5. The Horseman's Reins
  6. 1 of the Flying Brooms
You also can open your bag and find not a single thing in there and receive a message that reads, "There is no loot."  Nice - the Loot-Filled Bag contains no loot.  Great idea Blizzard.  Regardless, you get your 24 Justice Points (unless you are capped)  after you open the bag, so it does have something intangible within it.

Opening Chests
If you are running this daily, take advantage of the free port inside the SM Graveyard and make sure to check for any chests that have spawned inside the instance.  Often they are locked so bring along some seaforium or blacksmith keys, if you are not a rogue.  All the chests within any area of the Scarlet Monastary have a chance to drop some nice BOE twink gear, so they are worth a peek. 

Any luck getting your mount to drop?  I have mine from last year :)


  1. I got mine last night. ^.^

  2. No luck so far, but I've got hope this is the year for at least one of my characters. Drop rate seems to be higher (nothing to base that on except having to congratulate a lot of guildies yesterday).

    On the Loot-Filled Bags: no mystery here, just a less than ideal conversion from the old system. Same bag idea as Direbrew (and probably how they'll handle future holiday bosses). Bags used to have badges + occasionally a rare item. Now that badges have been turned into justice points, which aren't physical items. So when you open the HH bag, it's generally empty unless you got one of the rare drops. You still get the new badge equivalents (justice points); as you pointed out, you get a notice in chat. I agree: it's not as fun to keep getting "empty" bags -- and it certainly causes a lot of confusion.

  3. As you already know there is a thriving business selling the different Wand costumes. A thing I noticed about the prices is the time of the day.

    Buy in the morning (10g)
    Sell in the evening.(15-25g)

  4. I have the same feelings on the "no loot in your loot bag". I'm really keen on finishing the whole Hallowed End meta achievement for the violet proto drake this year. It's very disheartening when you have X amount of days to farm the Hallowed Helm and Sinister Squashling, and some of those days reward nothing...

    Good luck to all!

  5. Opening those chests is an excellent idea as many of the rare patterns from vanilla can be found in them. Things such as Schematic: Arcane Bomb or Pattern: Star Belt. You can find more information about those here: http://consortium.stormspire.net/showthread.php?369-Halloween-is-coming!

    Happy Hunting!

  6. I hadn't thought to check the instance for chests, so thank you! That's a great idea! I had been grabbing the 3-4 herbs that are usually around where you fight the Horseman, and those can sell pretty well, so if you have an herbalist make sure you grab those too!

    I am hoping to get my mount this year on my main, I managed to get it on one of my alts yesterday, if only it were BoA!

  7. It's getting annoying with the stupid Cog bug. Why no hotfix yet Blizz?!?

    Got a BS pattern and a lvl blue 30 BOE 2handed dps weapon from the chests, and I think I've only opened 5 total since I keep quitting farming after the bug crashed me out and I have to restart everything.

    There is always 1 chest down by entrance to the instance, but don't forget to check the area where the end boss usually is because there is a chance to spawn a 2nd chest down there as well.


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