Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Undermine Journal : Market Notifications

The Undermine Journal
The database over at The Undermine Journal is amazing.  Euripides did an awesome article on most of the features over at WoW Insider.  Here is a link to that article, Goldcapped: The Undermine Journal.  If your server hasn't been added yet, just make sure to vote daily to eventually see your server included.  My server has just recently been added, so I have finally been able to start using the great auction house tools provided my The Undermine Journal.

Market Notifications
The market notifications feature is one of my favorites.  This allows you to track specific items and then have an email sent to you as soon as the item becomes available on the auction house at the price threshold you set for that item.  After you search for the item, scroll down to just under the first 2 graphs to this section:

Market Notifications
Login to The Undermine Journal to view and set your market notifications for this item.

I have recently set up notifications for a list of specific rare patterns that I would like to find cheap to flip for big profits.  Using the market notification tools, I get notified as soon as they are posted on the AH.  I have already used this info to pick up a couple of rare patterns for horribly underpriced buyouts.  If you have email notification send to your cell phone or email notification on your computer, you can use the market notification tool to instantly grab those super cheap items as soon as they are listed on the auction house.  If you happen to get notifications while you are asleep, each notification includes a link to the Undermine Journal's item listing for your server, so you can check that the item is still available before logging in to buy it.

Here's what the email notification looks like:

Hello, Cold![Haunted Memento] on (Insert Your Server Here) Horde has reached a threshold that you've set:

The market price is under 500g 0s 0c. It is now 89g 0s 0c.

I had Haunted Memento set to notify me if it ever appeared below 500g.  Looks like at 2:30am someone posted one for 89g!  Dang it!  It was bought and relisted while I slept, but had this been posted while I was awake, I could have grabbed it thanks to my instant notification.  On super rare items, I just set the threshold to notify me when it appears at all.  I decide if the price is good after I see what it's posted at.

So head over to The Undermine Journal and get set up for those instant Market Notifications.  Anyone using their site for anything else?


  1. Hey Cold!
    I've been using the Market Notifications to get alerts for a bunch of patterns. I've found that the RSS alerts are terribly slow, however. I've found that it's best to just log in to TUJ every so often and check my notifications manually.

  2. I dream of this coming to EU servers. You guys and gals on the wrongside of the pond are so lucky.

  3. Tweeted to my followers, excellent find Cold!

  4. I got my husband the Life Like Toad Schmatic .. it was 2400G but He's already whipping out those toads in prep for WinterVeil and new players.


  5. This was a great post! Already grabbed a Plans: Searing Golden Blade for 7G.

  6. I used this to get my Mature Blue Dragon Sinew.


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