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Netherweave Bags vs Faction Satchels in Cataclysm

Stormwind Quartermaster

Tailoring Warning
In case you missed it, last week over at Just My Two Copper, Miss Mediocre guest posted an excellent article entitled Cataclysm Profession Breakdown.  She has been researching within Cata Beta and has an excellent report on various things profession related.  Within the content of her tailoring section, she divulges an interesting addition on the Beta.  This little addition has stirred up quite the comments. (Disclaimer:  Remember not everything on Beta actually makes the cut, but this one probably will.)  Let me quote from her article.
"On the topic of bags, anyone expecting to sell lots of Netherweave bags come Cataclysm may be disappointed! New city quartermasters are found near the flight masters in all of the major cities and sell 16 slot satchels for only 1g80s if you are revered. The bags are "unique" so you can only have one of each, but that is still 5 satchels if you are revered with all of your faction's races (which happens pretty quick these days just by questing). I'm sure Netherweave bags will still sell, but I'm wondering if perhaps not as well, once players discover the quartermasters."
-Miss Mediocre
Faction Satchels
Here is an example of the "Faction Satchels" as I'm calling them:  Troll Faction Satchel.  As a correction to her original calculation, there are actually 6 satchels for each side, as Gilneas and Bilgewater are offering satchels as well.  So each character can get 6 dirt cheap 16 slot bags once revered with each city.  This is an interesting change, but should we as tailors be worried?  I myself have about 6 guild bank tabs filled with Netherweave Bolts just waiting to start the tailoring sweatshop into motion as I plan to profit heavily on bags come Cataclysm time.

Effects On Bag Sales
So will these newly introduced bags curb your ability to sell the endless amounts of Netherweave Bags?  Short answer:  I doubt it will affect sales much, if at all.  Why not?  Who are we targetting to buy all of our bags?  New characters are the primary targets.  New characters wanting to increase their bag space will want that increased carrying capacity long before they reach revered with a single faction much less all of them.  I can see those cheap satchels selling to people expanding their bank bag slots later on, thus lowering sales to those customers further into the expansion.  At the expansion's start though, there will be a ton of new characters looking for bags ASAP.  Old players will be rolling new characters too and these new satchels are bound to the character that buys them, so no benefit of being an older player in terms of helping out your new characters.  We already have bags that are even better than any 16slot BoA bag that could be implemented, so I doubt we will see any BoA bags created.  Read about how Mooncloth Bags and Traveler's Backpacks are better options.  Another key to remember is that Goblins and Worgens will be included in the actual Cataclysm expansion.  The shattering event will occur in a patch added prior to Cataclysm and blue posts have stated that the new racial/class combos will be released with the shattering patch.  So there will be some sales of netherweave bags picking up once that patch allows troll druids, human hunters, etc.  So all in all, I wouldn't worry one bit about netherweave bag sales.

Image provided by:  Miss Mediocre


  1. A good point, veterans rolling new toons will just want to outright purchase fresh bags for their level 1's, and netherweaves normally got for 9-12g which is nothing for someone to drop 40 bucks on.

    I'm curious on the guild ranking/achievements and how that is going to effect the economy...

  2. Oops, I hadn't thought of the two new factions!

    The fact that people will want bags right away and not wait until they are revered is a very valid point! Perhaps I was way off in thinking that the existence of these faction bags will have any effect on the netherweave bag sales what-so-ever, lol.

    I have a set of Mooncloth bags that I send to any new alts I roll, it really is a great way to save some gold when you have as many characters as I do, lol.

    Great post! :)

  3. I couldn't agree more. Every player that is going to roll a worgen or goblin is going to buy four netherweave bags right off the bat. They're not going to wait and get their bags for cheap when their rep is high enough. No way no how. Those netherweave bags are going to fly out of the auction house faster than you can say Cataclysm.

  4. 16 slotters? What!? And be missing 32 slots? I don't think so! Portable Holes, people! 24 slotters are the only way to roll! Wait, maybe that's just me.

    For everyone else, yes, the odds of them learning there is a faction bag vendor prior to discovering the AH are kinda slim. They may catch wind of it sometime, but they still need bags for their banks. If you stockpiled Netherweave, you will cash in big.

  5. Must say everyone seems to only say Netherweave bags (16 slots) will sell well, no-one mentions Frostweave bags (20 slots) as a potential big seller. Maybe it's just me as I'm comfortably wealthly, but when I roll my new worgen/goblin alts I'll be sending over a full set of 20 slot bags to fill out all bag and bank slots. Gold is so easy to come buy these days, so don't you think people will pay 50-100g for a 20 slot bag and the extra 4 spaces per bag? Maybe I'm just too loaded to know what the masses will do!!

  6. People use the 16slot bags because they are the best bang for the buck. Anyone one with wealth or a tailor of their own, probably decks out all their alts with the best and biggest bags. NW bags are a "Bridge Buy" that holds you over until you get the gold for those expensive bags. Sometimes people delete their character that they don't like, and buying the "bridge" bags is just being safe before throwing a lot more gold into a character that you may not keep. The best bet is still the traveler's backpacks and mooncloth bags because instead of selling them because they are soulbound, just mail em to a new alt.


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