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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Goodbye Auto Posters!

Got a Douche bag AH camper that reposts undercuts right after you posted you goods?  Well the battle will be shifting soon as 4.0 will be breaking all auto posting add-ons.  Each post will now require a human click for each auction item posted.  You can still post 20 of the same item individually because the regular Auction House UI allows that.  You will no longer be able to batch post multiple items with a single click, which in turn removes the use of the hated QA3 Plug-in that auto posts and auto undercuts non-stop until you either afk out or run out of materials.  My gem and scroll sellers have been gimped with a semi-bot AH camper using this unfair posting strategy.  Glad they will be having to post just like the rest of us.  Maybe the lack of an auto posting option will drive some people away from the auction house, thus lowering the number of competitors.  Way to go Blizz!


  1. Oh yes.
    I'm soooo glad that because some douchebags decided to bot, instead of clicking once to repost my gems and enchants every evening, I'm going to have to sit at my computer and click a few hundred times.
    Makes me incredibly happy, because clicking multiple times is "fun."

  2. Well in JMTC forums we have a work around you still have to press the button to post glyph or item. But qa3 will still do the pricing so its semi gone. muahahahaq but only a few of the botters know about JMTC so we have an advantage.

  3. Call me a purist, but I like manually posting much better as I can guarantee I know my markets and trends better than any of you 1 click wanna-bes.

  4. This does seem like it might cripple some of the legit posters. Honestly i have not had much problem with the bots but we will see how this all works out.

  5. The one-click post feature in QA3 is handy, but the big timesaver for me is the cancel scan. Posting is relatively easy, you click on what's in your bag.

    Getting rid of the cancel button would be much worse. Breaking that would mean switching between tabs, finding the right auction, and canceling them one at a time. Now *that* would kill the AH campers.

  6. You can still batch post multiple of the same item, just not multiple items at a time. Main benefit is getting rid of the AFK auction house semi-botters that are in a constant rescan and repost if undercut (as long as I still have inventory) mode. This leave competitors with a tiny window of opportunity to post and sell.

  7. Being a casual player with limited time--but a big glypher--I love killing the bots, but it will probably also knock me mostly out of the market as well. I previously started my post cycle before leaving for work in the mornings, and let it go while I took the dog out and got breakfast for my kids. Sitting and clicking the button 360 times to post the glyphs (not to mention the tailoring, chanting, and cross faction work I did) is definitely not an option for me.

    Could still end up good for casual glyph sellers if it drives enough competition totally out of the market that posting one or two times a week makes as much money as posting twice a day. But if it does, it would do it at the expense of the consumer.

  8. Should help to raise the prices back and make it much more time efficient to make a better profit. The undercutting wars are what made it a requirement to post so many, so often, and so cheap. With the botters gone, everyone will be able to make more money, including them, as well as save less time having to be contstantly undercutting down to hardly any profit levels.

  9. I too think this is good news. I also prefer to manually post, for market awareness, and better control. I do use the 'cancel' feature of QA3 though, and so hope Blizz doesn't touch that.


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