Monday, November 22, 2010

Selling Yourself And Other Pilgrim's Bounty Money Makers

Pilgrim's Bounty
The World of Warcraft in-game holiday event Pilgrim's Bounty is finally here.  While this isn't the most profitable holiday, with a little creativity you can squeeze some nice chunks of gold out of the right people.  Have you thought of selling yourself off? 

Rogue For Hire
The Pigrim's Bounty achievement Turkey Lurkey can be a real headache for players.  You have to find and shoot 8 rogues of various races with your Turkey Shooter.  These Turkey Shooters are a reward option from the daily quests.  The problem with the achievement is that some of the required races are not commonly created as rogue characters.  If you have a rogue then you can advertise that you will log in for a tip or a set price fee, which could allow someone the chance to complete their achievement.  Just like we sold wand zaps during Hallow's End, we can sell ourselves off this time to be shot and feathered into a turkey.  The 2 rarest forms of rogues are the Dwarf Rogues and Orc Rogues, followed by Undead Rogue.  If you have one of these you can probably find someone in trade chat who is offering to pay you to log in.  Take advantage of the easy gold.  I have charged up to 100g before to log in for someone.  You can also create a rogue for the same purpose as there isn't a level requirement for the character being shot.

Other Ideas For Pilgrim's Bounty
Here are a couple other ideas for making gold during Pilgrim's Bounty as we wait for the Cataclysm to arrive.
  1. Tracker Snacks for Turkinators
  2. Cooking Skills and Sales
  3. Small Eggs, Turkeys, & Holiday Sales
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  1. Really, Undead rogues are rare on your server? On mine, basically every Rogue on Horde side is Undead.

    Oh, and I have managed to sell some Tracker Snacks with some advertising in Trade. Go, me!

  2. Made some money as a taxi service using portals for people between cities whilst leveling cooking, it's amazing what people will pay for a quick portal to save some time.

    It's not masses of gold but if you're travelling anyway might as well get some gold for nothing

  3. For me, the best money makers are these:

    - Selling Outland vendor recipes in HUGE quantities. I wanted to give it a try and had to restock two times on the first day already - they sell for up to 50 gold.

    - Buying a vast amount of cooking materials, ranging from 300 to 450. This is most likely to late by now (though sometimes I can snatch some additonal clam meat or whatever before one of the crazy cooks buys it).

    Out of a temper I tried to buy out ANY meat, clam, fish and everything I could find for 70s or so and resell it.

    That way, I filled a complete guild bank with things like Fangtooth Herring or Bonescale Snapper (flooding the AH for 30s each before due to the Fishing achievements).

    After they sold hesitantly the first day (people needed to level their cooking) I now cannot restock fast enough, and this is for 2 gold each (increased the price for other things even more).

    I've only got one bank tab (out of 6) left by now... This is madness!


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