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What To Snatch With Cataclysm New Player Influx

Cataclysm New Players Incoming
With Cataclysm approaching we already have been seeing the increased population of lower level players.  Many of these players are experimenting with the new race and class combos now possible after The Shattering Patch 4.0.3a.  Watching the auction house may prove very profitable for older Vanilla craftables.  There are a lot of new players and new characters questing through the new content.  Not all of these players know the true value of some of the premium items required for some key vanilla crafting recipes. 

Many of these components drop in the lower level zones, which increases availabilty of these items on the auction house.  Many times these are horribly underpriced.  Example:  I just bought 2 Spider's Silk for 39 silver total.  You can snatch these premium materials up at very low prices as these are often listed incorrectly.  The end products that many of these lead to are also craftables that should be selling very well to new players and new characters alike.  The population is about to explode once Cataclysm launches.  I expect to see even greater steals to snatch off the auction house as the new players post incorrectly priced goods.

Auction House Keen Vision
These are some of the vanilla commodity items to watch for.  Cold's Gold Factory is already seeing an influx of cheaply priced goods on the auction house in World of Warcraft.  Look out for these.
  1. Spider's Silk - Tailors can profit from Spider Silk Boots and Spidersilk Drape, while leatherworkers can craft Toughened Leather Gloves.
  2. Arcane Crystal - The rush of miners has led to a surplus of arcane crystals.  Using the Transmute: Arcanite is very profitable selling Arcanite Bars and a Transmutation Master gets extra bars created.  These Arcanite Bars can be sold individually or turned into Arcanite Rods for all the soon to leveling enchanters. 
  3. Large Fang & Small Lustrious Pearl - Barbaric Bracers are an excellent item to add to your aresenal.  I sell these for 125g each and buyout fangs and pearls under 1g.  The profit margin is excellent and these are a trusted seller.
  4. Perfect Deviate Scales & Deviate Scales - Both are required for the very popular Deviate Scale Belt.
So make sure to keep an eye out for these materials.  Even if you aren't into crafting the items you can buy these out while you find them cheap and relist them for their normal market value to the crafters.
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  1. 125 gold for Barbaric Bracers? This seems very unlikely!

    However, everything else is definitely right. I too was able to snatch up a vast amount of cheap materials and equipment pieces during the last days!

  2. @Vayaz

    Here's a link to theData at TUJ. Scroll down to recently sold. Sindara is my rogue Leatherworker. The 2nd seller is just some guy that sells his for 40g. Market price is set at 60g because the other guy brings the average down. I know that the real price is 125g, while this guy thinks selling it for 40g is a good idea. Back in January, I mentioned selling them for 115-120g. I like to craft for as cheap as possible and sell for as much as possible.

    Market comparison shows other realms selling them for 120-125g as well.

    What is everyone else selling their Barbaric Bracers for?

  3. I too have an issue with the Barbaric Bracers, not that I think you aren't being truthful... I made two pairs for about 40g each, hoping to sell for 80-100g. I've been watching the AH for the last 3 weeks, there is another guy selling the same 2 sets for $89g, and he hasn't sold a single one! You aren't the only one mentioning these bracers as great Twink gear, but I must not have a market for them on Crushridge (US)...


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