Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What To Do With Small Egg Extras

Winter Veil Coming To An End

The World of Warcraft in game holiday, The Feast of Winter Veil, will soon be coming to an end.  Hopefully you were able to take full advantage of the auction house holiday and made out with piles of gold.   Stocking up on Small Eggs is always a great way to make some easy gold from auction house sales.  This year the Winter Veil start time changed and may have impacted your sales.

Small Egg Surplus

Some players have been making great sales from Winter Veil and selling small eggs.  Others have had their sales slowed thanks to the Azerothian holiday starting at 8am instead of 3am.  This cut deep into my own profits as I usually made 75% of my sales before most people knew the holiday had even started.  With the later start time, prices tended to be lower as there was more competition.

Buy Cheap Eggs And Save Them

Competition was more fierce and most players have completed their achievements and quests that require Small Eggs.  Now is a good time to find cheap single and stacks of small eggs on the auction house.  Why would we want to buy more small egg?  Children's week is another great time to use and sell Small Eggs.

Starting to stock up for Children's Week now, while the prices are low on Small Eggs, could net you a nice profit when everyone will need them for Delicious Chocolate Cakes in May.  Being a successful auctioneer is partly about planning ahead for the future.  You may also want to add Mageroyal to your snatch list to flip during Children's Week as well.

Cold's Advice Put To Practice

For a testimonial by Bishops on selling small eggs with the neutral auction house, be sure to check out his new blog, The Noob's Corner.  Glad to see some auction house wisdom being put to work.  Good luck with the blog Bishops!

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