Sunday, December 19, 2010

Potion of Deepholm & Mage Bubble Hearth

Portals and Potions

With the removal of portals from both Shattrath and Dalaran, mages are still making easy gold off of players that still were parked in either of those cities.  People are returning to the game and are paying upwards of 30g for a portal out to main cities.  Others are simply logging in an alt for the first time only to discover them trapped within Dalaran and looking for a quick way out.  Portals aren't the only travel mode these days.  Scribes have their option, but alchemists now have a way to profit off of other player's travel.


Another common question I've been seeing in trade chat is "How do I get back to Deepholm?"  Anytime I see this asked, I reply back with, "Use a Potion of Deepholm!"  This most always results in an instant sale on the auction house for the alchemist dabbling in that market.  The reply is usually followed with a "Thanks, I just got one!" 

Potion of Deepholm

This teleports the drinker to Deepholm.  The potion of deepholm requires 5 Heartblossom and 1 crystal vial.  The drinking player must be level 82, but you had to be level 82 to start the quest to allow entry into Deepholm anyway.  The potion requires a skill level of 525 Alchemy to craft. 

Mage Bubble Hearth

Some players use these potions to return to Deepholm, but others use them as an extra hearth because they return you near a portal to your capital city.  These are also the only way to accomplish the new bubble-hearth trick, but only for mages!  This potion isn't usable in combat so a mage can cast Invisibility and drink this instant cast potion while invisible.  It's the new mage bubble hearth so sales may be higher on Warcraft PvP servers.


  1. "but only for mages"

    Hunter feign death & rogue vanish would like a word...there may be others.

    Also, engineering:

    I'm guessing that you can't pop this just after an invisibility *potion*, but I'm not certain.

    What I never understood was why the hell anyone would ever want to bubble-hearth in the first place!

  2. I noticed these when leveling my Alchemy and made as many as I could. My level 82 Alchemist is questing in Deepholm but I make a trip to Uldum every day for a transmute. This is a great time/gold saver because I can set my hearth in Uldum and never have to worry about getting back to civilization after. :D

  3. @xiani

    The engineering item requires you to be out of combat, so that doesn't work.

    Invisibility potions can't be used in combat either.

    Bubble Hearth is a PvP escape tactic, but pallies can't use it anymore since they lowered the duration of divine shield.

    Vanish & Drink may work if using this potion, but feign death won't as when you pop up to drink you will get back in combat.

  4. You are completely right re. engineering. Must have been having a blonde morning;) Also, that would have made engineering stupidly OP.

    And feign death definitely won't help you in pvp. Well, unless you're fighting a real idiot;)'s pvp - that doesn't even cost you repairs if you get killed. I'm still not getting why you'd ever want to hearth. To avoid graveyard camping maybe?

  5. The best part about the potions are that they are instant and have just the normal potion cooldown - instead of a 10 second hearth and then 30 minutes of waiting, bam, you're home in two loading screens.

    I haven't had need to test it, but if a paladin can drop combat while in bubble (I have been able to mount before), then it is almost as good as the bubble-hearth of yore. Minus, of course, the "rub it in your face" full 10 second hearth which was 90% of the fun.


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