Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Days Are Luckier Than Others

So I have been farming ZG now for a few weeks, collecting Tomes of Polymorph Turtle to sell once ZG is changed from a raid in hopes of making big profits later on.  Each raid lockout I do a minimum of:
  1. Fish up Ghaz for a chance at the tome.
  2. Kill as many raptors as I find for a chance at the Raptor Pet.
  3. Kill the Tiger boss for a shot at the mount.
  4. Kill the Raptor boss for a shot at the mount.
  5. Farm bosses and trash for Rep.
  6. Send all coins and bijous to my alchemist to get the Living Action Potion recipe before it may be unavailable.
  7. Farm rep to get to exhalted for my main, Cold, just for the achievement.
Well after this weekend, I am happing to say that Cold has now Earned the achievement Hero of the Zandalar Tribe, as has my Alchemist, Morgueann.  After never ever even seeing either of the mounts drop for years since the days of Vanilla WoW and the hundreds of times, I have ran ZG.  When I won my Headless Horseman's Mount, after losing a roll the first time I saw it drop.  I only saw it drop twice the entire holiday event, and it dropped during the same run that I had already rolled and lost.  I won it on the second roll in the same holiday boss group run.  Well, Saturday night while I was bored and doing my routine farming run in Zul'Gurub, luck struck not once, but twice on the same run yet again.  I'm proud to announce:

Sep 25, 2010 Earned the feat of strength [Swift Zulian Tiger].

Sep 25, 2010 Earned the feat of strength [Swift Razzashi Raptor].

Yup, same run.  Both mounts dropped. So goodbye ZG, you can be removed now.  I'm done with you.  Lol, thanks for the memories.


  1. I hate you! lucker

    Never ever seen any of them, tho farming it since vanilla -.-


  2. I've been farming that crazy tiger for endless lockouts and I hope I can have some luck yet before that place is gone. Nice job on 2 in 1.

  3. So [Swift Zulian Tiger] has a 0.7% chance to drop and the [Swift Razzashi Raptor] has a 0.9% chance to drop (according to WowHead stats).

    Therefore the chance to get the both in the same run is 0.0063%. Lol!

  4. Ah! Man, I've been after the tiger mount for ages. I've got the Raptor mount, but never could achieve the tiger. I'm very jealous!

  5. I also hate you, only seen the raptor drop once in the last 2-3 years! didnt even win it.

    but that is awesome ! both at the same time.

    time to go to zg.

    xoxo anaalius

  6. /jealous

    but gratz on both of them anyways!


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