Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gadgetzan Resale Options

Aah, Gadgetzan.  The town in the middle of the desert is an excellent location to snag some goods to send to your auctioneer to flip for a profit.  Plenty of goodies to try to grab on their limited quantity timers as well.

Alchemist Pestlezugg
          (1) Transmute:  Mithril to Truesilver  80s
          Transmute:  Iron to Gold  80s
          Transmute:  Arcanite  5g
          (1) Recipe:  Nature Resistance Potion 20s
          Recipe:  Philosopher's Stone  80s

Blizrik Buckshot
          (1) Schematic: EZ-Throw Dynamite II  50s

Dirge Quikcleave & Innkeeper Fizzgrimble
          Recipe:  Tender Wolf Steak  1g20s

Krinkle Goodsteel
          (1) Plans: Goldscale Coif  44s

          (1) Pattern: Crimson Silk Robe 50s
          Pattern:  Soul Pouch  1g20s

The Alchemy Patterns sell the best, especially the Transmute: Arcanite.  Easily fetching me 25g per.


  1. You missing all the patterns you buy on the coast. I sell everyday for 35g each. Go there and buy at least 10 of each.

  2. @ Blackthief.

    LOL! Check out Monday's Post!
    Jabbey & Co.


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