Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guest Post: Mageshadow of The Gnomish Coin

A Guest Post by Mageshadow of The Gnomish Coin

Aerith Primrose - Lets Sell Flowers!

What? Selling Flowers?

Yup, today we're going to be selling several different pair of flowers and bouquets from a vendor in Dalaran. Aerith Primrose can be found right before the entrance to the Violet Hold, there is a wagon to the left. The prices for the flowers range from 2 silver up to 50g. I recommend starting out with the 2 silver flowers if you're a low level, and slowly moving up the ladder as you obtain more gold.

Why Do They Sell?

These items sell because people like to dress up their bank toons. I can flip these things for an easy 20-25g, and they sell rather quick. Many people don't notice this NPC, because quite frankly she's hidden, I didn't even notice her until a couple weeks back. The competition is little to none on these items, and since they can be obtained for as cheap as 2 silver, the risk is very little.

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