Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guest Post: CappedByCata

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First of all, I would just like to say a very special thanks to Cold. He has been very helpful in allowing me to branch out with my blog and obtain new readership, so I do very much appreciate it.

I wanted to return the favor with a guest post here at Cold’s Gold Factory.

Mining will never be as profitable as it will be at the beginning of Cataclysm.

Yep, that’s right. The start of Cataclysm will lend itself to some insane demand in the terms of Ore needed for crafters in Cataclysm. Expect prices to be in the hundreds of gold for a stack of the new Ore.

So what does this mean? Besides the fact that you need to be mining, there are a couple of ways you can take advantage of this niche. Once prices sky-rocket, a lot of people who dropped mining for raiding professions will quickly pick it back up and join in on the gold rush. Not wanting to go from Node to Node all the way until 525, they will look for any shortcut possible. This shortcut is where you come in.

The only other way to level up mining besides hitting a node, is to smelt. What this means is people will be willing to pay a premium for ores such as Mithril, Gold, Adamantite, etc in an effort to cut out a few of those nodes that will be in heavy competition. If you can already have a stock pile ready to go, you will be able to net yourself a very healthy profit.

Time really is Money

Gathering professions will once again be at their peak come Cataclysm. Having a Miner ready to go at the beginning of the expansion will make you an insane amount of gold if you’re willing to put in the time. Me personally, I’m taking 3-4 days off work simply to Mine. Sure this may sound a little extreme, but I know the Ore will never again go for as much as it does during those few days. People will be racing to get those realm first achievements, and it needs to be your goal to take the most advantage of those people as possible. If you spend those first couple of days leveling up, exploring new content, trying out new dungeons, etc, then you’re selling yourself shorts of the profits that will be available in those few short lived days.

So take advantage, friends and line your pockets, guild banks and bed sheets with shiny shiny gold.

Thanks Wes for the guest post.  I agree with you and I already have been stocking up on ores.  I myself am focusing on the uncommon (green) ores that give a skill-up each smelt:  Silver, Gold, & Truesilver.  In my opinion these will be the most realiable for power leveling miners.  If you plan on mining, I highly recommend getting to max skill prior to the gold rush of Cataclysm.  I also expect to see a rise in the sale of Mammoth Mining Bags as well.  Thanks again.
Anyone else interested in guest posting, or swapping guest posts, either shoot me an email here or a private message over at The Consortium.


  1. I have been reading over and over to stockpile Old-world herbs and ore for cata to resell at HUGE profits.
    I am very skeptic about this.
    Why are old world herbs/ore so expensive? IMHO because it is a pain in the rear to farm them.. not being able to fly at 310% .. Just a measly 100% land mount.
    Now alas! Cataclysm comes around.. i can suddenly farm herbs and ore at a astounding rate with my FLYING MOUNT!
    And as soon as the prices go up.. people will stop what they are doing and farm herbs/ore.

  2. WE are talking abotu stocking up to unload within the first 2 weeks to people who are powerleveling a new profession that they may have dropped before, or to sell to players that have a new goblin or worgen character that gets bumped to 60 from saved RAF free levels that doesn't want to grind the old way and jsut wants easy access to raw materials to get their professions as high and as quickly as possible. Also since there will be a new influx of players into these old world zones (both new players and new characters alike as well as old players in new zones) following you same logic, competition for the nodes will be high as well. Granted an efficient spender will just farm the mats themselves and not worry about how long it takes to level, but since when do we profit off of efficient planners? We profit off of lazy people who can afford to skip the time sink just to be faster or we profit off of those that want to be first on their server.

  3. It's like you read my mind, Cold :P. But yes, I'm completely on board with that. The idea isn't to stockpile for good, it's to stockpile and unload. Sure, things will be more obtainable but the profitability is still there.

  4. I have 4000 saronite ore right now. I think that as the new ore settles, this saronite will spike in price because no one will be farming it.

    Am I off?

  5. @ Anon#2

    You have 2 options with your ore.
    1) Unload during price spike at expansion launch
    2) Save for later sales once the price rises.

    I would sell all I could at Cata launch, you are going to be limiting your storage, if you are holding too much.

  6. Thanks, I will sell it at launch then...but I have space due to 5 alts with 3 tab guild banks.


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