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Exploiting The Brewfest Dungeon Queue

Exploiting The Brewfest Dungeon Queue

The Limited Availability Option
Brewfest offers us the ability to queue for the seasonal Brewfest boss, Coren Direbrew, via the Looking For Dungeon queue.  Once the group is formed all party members are ported to Coren, who is located inside the Grim Guzzler Tavern within Blackrock Depths.  This will only be available through October 5th.  We can use this limited oppurtunity to get the most out of this option while it lasts.

Benefiting From Instant Ports
Now that we have a free port to inside The Grim Guzzler, we have the oppurtunity to farm some mass amounts of enchanting materials and runecloth very easily.  You do not need a shadowforge key either, since the port drops you deep within the dungeon already.  After the Brewfest boss is dead, just boot everyone from your Coren Direbrew group or wait until they all drop the group.  Many of the mobs inside the instance drop runecloth, so this is a good spot for farming runecloth also.  The instant port drops you right in the middle of one of the most heavily congested boss locations within the entire game.  Anyone selling enchants regularly will be looking for Large Brilliant Shards, especially since these are the main limiting material required for most of the BoA weapon enchants.  Many enchanters run Scholomance and Stratholme just for the Large Brilliant Shards to keep up with the demand of enchanting sales.  Lately I have turned to farming for them myself as the auction house prices have inflated to 20-25g per shard.  If you are not an enchanter, all you need is to have a friend or guild member (thats enchants) join your group.  This allows the disenchant option to appear on all dropped items, regardless of whether your enchanter friend is in the instance or not.

The Bosses
You will start off in the keg room of the Grim Guzzler.  Within the Grim Guzzler itself are located 4 bosses and a vendor to unload any vendor trash that you might pick up while inside this instance.  Win-win!  You can queue for Direbrew over and over without being limited by the 5 per hour per account restriction on dungeon entries.  There are a lot more bosses very close by and most can be reached without even having to aggro any of the trash mobs.  So by farming these bosses and any trash you may happen to aggro, you can easily collect a large number of Large Brilliant Shards, Runecloth, and Small Brilliant Shards (from the lower level bosses).  Any class can do this as these mobs are low enough level that you won't have any problems with survival.

The Best Route
I have tested this all during the hour I was on before work and have come up with the best route to take.  So the Brewfest boss is dead and everyone else is gone except for you (the enchanter).  You are in the keg room of the tavern.  Let's Begin:

  1. Smash the 3 kegs to summon Hurley Blackbreath and his cronies.
  2. Go just outside the room an talk to Ribbly Screwspigot to get him and his bodyguards to attack you.
  3. Go up a level within the tavern and talk to Plugger Spazzring.  Buy out his Dark Iron Ale Mugs to get more profits later.  Then kill him. Loot the rest of the mugs off his table.  Plugger can drop the Schematic: Goblin Jumper Cables XL, which is a good schematic to sell.
  4. Killing Plugger has allowed Phalanx to now be killed.  He is in front of the back exit of the tavern.  Guards will come to investigate the disturbance in a few minutes and they will leave that back exit open for you
  5. While waiting for the guards to open the back door, backtrack out the front entrance of the Grim Guzzler to Golem Lord Argelmach.
  6. Backtrack further to General Angerforge.
  7. Return to the grim guzzler, kill the guards at the back door and head through the exit.
  8. Drop down to the Black anvil platform and slay Lord Incendius.
  9. Backtrack back through the golem area and kill Fineous Darkvire.
  10. Continue upwards and into the Vault area to kill Warder Stilgiss and his pet Verek.
  11. Save up any keys you find off trash mobs until you have enough to open all of the vaults at one time and this will summon an extra boss, Watchman Doomgrip, and allows the opening of the Secret Safe.
  12. Go ahead and rejoin the LFD queue for Coren Direbrew again.  The last bosses nearby will drop items that disenchant into Small Brilliant Shards.  Just farm these guys and trash while you are waiting for the new Brewfest Boss group to form. So the following bosses are optional.
  13. Continue backtracking to Pyromance Loregrain.
  14. Drop into the Arena in the Ring of Law for the random event boss.
  15. Head out the tunnel and south to High Interrogator Gerstahn.
  16. Find Lord Roccor patrolling the tunnels.
  17. By this time you should be back in the Brewfest Boss Queue.
  18. Rinse and Repeat.
Repeating This After Brewfest Ends
Another thing of note is that currently, when you log out in a dungeon, once you log back in you return to the entrance of the dungeon and the bosses respawn.  Since you entered via the keg room in the Grim Guzzler, this is where you will return once you log in.  We can assume that once the Brewfest holiday is over, you can do this very same farming route, if you were lucky enough to obtain a Direbrew's Remote from your holiday bag loot.  Just log out and return back to the keg room to start your route over again.

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  1. Suggestion: instead of rolling DE on the items that drop, roll greed. Once you win, DE them yourself for a chance at a proc.


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