Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flipping: 5 Items Under 5 Gold To Sell For Over 5g

 Five Items Under Five Gold To Sell For Over Five Gold

Not all of you are seasoned auction house veterans.  So here are a few tips to get you started in the game of flipping items on the Auction House.  These 5 items can often be snatched off the auction house for under 5g each and can easily be relisted for 5g or higher and will still sell.  These are some excellent items to try to get a hold on flipping as well as preparing you to start resetting markets for extra profit.  Here are the items and why they are in demand.

The List
1)  Large Fang - These are used in the Lesser Beastslaying enchant and all Barbaric crafted gear, which is a cheap way of leveling some blacksmithing.  Leatherworkers use these for the excellent profit twink item Barbaric Bracers, which is BiS for many classes and low level characters.

2)  Spider's Silk - This is the best selling spider silk of them all because multiples are required for many twink blues including, Spidersilk Boots, Spidersilk Drape, Toughened Leather Gloves, and the Warlock class quest item Robes of Arcana.

3)  Small Radiant Shard - Only used in 3 enchants, but as an enchanter you will never have enough of these, especially once Cataclysm drops and everyone is after either Enchant Weapon - Fiery and/or Enchant Boots - Minor Speed.  The Fiery Enchant takes 4 of these and moves quickly and reliably.  I often buy these under 2 gold and when none are listed on the auction house I sell them for 12g each along with my Fiery enchants, which move for 60-100g.

4)  Aquamarine - These are used for power leveling jewelcrafting, making Aquamarine Signets, Figure - Truesilver Crab, and other jewelry.  Engineers require these to make Green Lens of (Random), which is a popular twink headpiece, Deadly Scopes, and Ultrsafe Transporters.  Enchanters need them for the popular twink enchant Enchant Boots - Minor Speed and Blacksmiths use them for Truesilver Guantlets, Phantom Blades, and Heavy Mithril Helms.

5)  Truesilver Bar - These are very often under 2g per.  I just bought 3 stacks for 60g total.  The demand on Truesilver bars is high enough that I can flip these for 7-8g each.  The recently changed to BoE engineering pets take a lot of these so engineers are the primary buyer of Truesilvers Bars, but other professions use them as well since they are required for 52 different crafting recipes by engineers, blacksmiths, and jewelcrafters.

Does anyone else have any other materials that they would ad to this list?  Please follow the same format if commenting to help people out.  What item? What's it used in? How much do you mark up?

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  1. I like to work in herbs, sometimes I'll flip, sometimes I'll farm. Grave moss, wintersbite, ghost mushroom are all herbs that have small pick areas and so can't easily be farmed for mass amounts to flood the AH.
    Pearls can also be decent, depending on the server.


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