Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Non-Gear Badge and Emblem Options

So we are all amassing a surplus of Emblems and Badges at this late in the game as the expansion comes to its final weeks / months.  Many of us don't have much need for spending our Emblems on gear, either because we are geared out or because purchasing gear upgrades this late in the expansion may not be the most sensible thing to do as simple green questing items from Cataclysm will replace many of the upgrades we can currently obtain.  Is your currency tab getting filled with Emblems?  Maybe you have been farming BC Heroics for reputation and you have been collecting a lot of Badge of Justice.  So what other options do we have instead of gear upgrades?  Let's take a look.

Emblem of Frost
23 = 1 Primordial Saronite

Emblem of Triumph
15 = 1 Crusader Orb

Emblem of Heroism
10 = 1 Ametrine, Dreadstone, Or Eye of Zul
20 = 1 Cardinal Ruby, King's Amber, or Majestic Zircon
10 = 1 Frozen Orb

Emblem of Conquest
18 = 1 Runed Orb

Emblem of Valor
60 = 1 Bind-On-Equip iLvl 213 Wrist Armor

Badge of Justice
10 = 1 Primal Nether
15 = Nether Vortex
15 = Any BC Uncut Epic Gem

As you can see there are many other options for Badges and Emblems other than gearing up your character, mainly using them to purchase materials required for your other crafting endeavors for a better profit.  Selling these items outright can also be a viable source of income, if you just like to run heroics over and over.  This late in the expansion I would advise on dumping as many of your Badges and Emblems as I can't see any reason to hang onto them for use in the next expansion.  Who knows what blizzard will do with the badge system anyways.  And most of these items will continue to lose value the longer you hold onto them, so unload what you can to maximize profits before the values drop even further.  And don't forget about the Stone Keeper Shards and Wintergrasp Tokens, which can be easily monetized through the Wintergrasp Shuffle

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  1. If you're really hard up for a quick abyss crystal you can use 15 emblems of heroism to buy Lillehoff's Winged Blades then d/e it. That is if you still have emblems of heroism, if not don't trade down just use your 15 emblems of triumph to buy the crusader orbs.


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