Friday, September 17, 2010

Farming: Rugged Leather

Where to Farm Rugged Leather?

I can never find Rugged Leather on the auction house for a decent price, so sometimes I have to resort to farming it myself.  My top 2 spots for farming Rugged Leather are:

1)  Dire Maul North.  Just into the instance, down the first ramp, is the first boss who is surrounded by packs of Gordok Mastiffs.  A quick pull and AoE of the whole room will net you a ton of Rugged Leather.  So if you are a skinner and working on Freeing Knot for patterns or reputation with the goblins for the insane title, then make sure to knock off all the dogs here.

2)  Winterspring Yeti Caves.  East of Everlook is the most abundant area for Rugged Leather farming.  Excellent respawn rates combined with mobs that drop greens and coin, make this the most farmed area for Rugged Leather.

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  1. Good place is in Azshara from draconic elites (Draconic Mageweaver, Blue Dragonspawn etc.), where is chance to drop azure whelpling... one hour farming take around ten stack of rugged leather

  2. Skinnable elites have been removed from Azshara in the area indicated after Cata. Only low level skinnables in that area now.


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