Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Rugged Leather Farming in Cataclysm

Cataclysm Brought Changes To Rugged Leather Farming

Rugged Leather is selling at a prime price on my server and may also be a pricey commodity on your server as well.  It is often hard to find what the Rugged Leather you need on the auction house, so sometimes you have to turn to farming for the Rugged Leather yourself.

Prior to The Shattering event, the absolute hands down best location for farming Rugged Leather was the Yeti caves to the East of Everlook, Winterspring.  While these yetis do still have the option for Rugged Leather when skinned, the drop rates are lower.  They used to almost always award Rugged Leather when skinning, but now award Rugged Leather at a much lower drop rate.  Since Cataclsym has reshifted the questing level requirements for various zones, Winterspring has dropped from a Level 55-60 zone.  It currently is a Level 48-55 zone and the mobs are much more likely to award Thick Leather when skinned instead of the prized Rugged Leather. 

Many readers are finding their way to Cold's Gold Factory via google searches for "Rugged Leather Farming."  This post is for those of you wondering where the new best locations are for farming Rugged Leathers.

Top Rugged Leather Farming Hotspots

Farming Rugged Leather Hot Spot #1 - Dire Maul North

Gordok Mastiffs are perhaps the best and most easily farmed mobs in all of the World of Warcraft.  They are found within Dire Maul North and the Crescent Key is no longer needed since Cataclysm.

Once inside Dire Maul - North, you will find a large number of Gordok Mastiffs in packs.  Any high level class can dispatch these easily, especially if you have an area of effect attack.  These awesome mobs have a skinning breakdown as such:
  •  84% chance to award 1-2 Rugged Leather
  • 11% chance to award 1-2 Thick Leather
  • 5% chance to award 1 Rugged Hide
This is the best spot to farm Rugged Leather.  You can clear the packs of mastiffs, then rest the instance to clear it again.  If you are looking for a level appropriate area to quest and collect skins while leveling, then I would opt for option #2.

Farming Rugged Leather Hot Spot #2 - Blasted Lands

Blasted Lands is now the best zone for farming Rugged Leather in the wild.  Some players prefer to farm while leveling, so this is the spot for you guys.  There are plenty of basilisks, boars, hyenas, and fel hounds throughout the Blasted Lands zone that can produced Rugged Leather when skinned.

So there are the 2 best places to currently farm Rugged Leather since the changes from Cataclysm have rendered the yeti caves of Winterspring less than ideal.

Anyone else found and other hot spots for farming Rugged Leather?


  1. Definatelly Winterspring. It is easy while doing the Wintersaber farming. Lots of Rugged leathers, recipes and nice AH items :)

  2. Do you still need to have the key? I thought you didn't.

  3. I was just in Dire Maul North (Gordok Commons). It did not require any key to get in. The mobs are around 44-46 Elites, but the mastiffs are just regular mobs. You can avoid the Elites if you are careful.

  4. Ungoro: if you are leveling, especially for miner/skinner farmers; mix of rugged/thick from raptors etc. Not to mention best place for Thorium or after: Swamp of Sorrows which is right next door to Blasted Lands^ FYI Since Cata ^

    1. Not true. Silithus is by far the best place for thorium. There is no competition.

  5. wonderful and helpful article even now in 2014


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