Saturday, March 5, 2011

Post The New Engineering Pets

The Cataclysm Engineering Pets
Cataclysm brought the addition of two new companion pets only craftable by engineers.  Each of the two engineering specialities can craft only 1 of the pets.  Goblin Engineers are able to craft the Personal World Destroyer, while Gnomish Engineers can only craft the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion.  Personally I think that Goblin Engineers came out ahead because the Personal World Destroyer is a handful of robotic awesomeness, while the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion should be restricted to just the Proudmore server.  I haven't tested my theory, but I hypohosize that PWD would sell more based on looks alone, not counting achievement seekers who would collect both anyways.

Why Should You Be Selling These?

As I have already discussed, with the addition of 2 new pet collector achievements and the assumption of new pets awarded for those achievements, sales of vanity pets are on the rise.  New players and new pet collectors will probably be buying the cheaper pets to get started, but the players who already have 75+ pets, will have to start buying more of the rare and more expensive pets in order to reach these achievements.  These 2 pets are still hovering over 1000-1200 gold each on my server's auction house, which is an excellent return on the materials required to craft these 2 engineering made companion pets.

Players shooting for the 2 new achievements mostly likely have the cheap pets already as part of their 75+ pet collection.  So these collectors must turn to the more expensive pets.  For this reason now is a good time to start selling these 2 pets, if you haven't already.  You also should start to unload any of the rare pets that you may have stocked up on including Argent Tournament pets.  Now is the time to move those too. 

Refer to my guide on selling companion pets for sales tips.


  1. Um, what Pet Lover? The post does say Engineering in its title, that should've been a hint o.O

    Anyways, I've been finding the raptor pets selling extremely well (at least on my server). Compared to the engineer pets, they sell for around 5-10k. Maybe because there's more people selling eng. pets than those/some people probably don't know where to find them. Thought to just throw that out there since I haven't seen a blog yet mention them.

  2. "Personally I think that Goblin Engineers came out ahead" Specialization doesn't matter if you're willing to spend a small amount of gold and time!

    Here's my engineering . . .

    All you need to do is go to Narain Soothfancy's hut in north eastern Tanaris and pay his book to change your specialty. Hit up the nearest Goblin/Gnomish trainer (Whatever you switched to) to learn the pet you don't have, and if you're a superior goblin engineer like myself, promptly repay to switch back to goblin. Then you can make both pets on the same toon. =]


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