Friday, March 4, 2011

CGF Approved: HearthCast


Over at Auction House Junkies, we have introduced you to another great podcast, HearthCast.  Hearthcast is a softcore podcast hosted by Rewt and Freckface.  I have been listening to some episodes and am now recommending it highly to you.  This is a rather entertaining and brilliant show.    They are available on iTunes or from their homepage.  Give the show a listen while you are grinding, mining, or flipping items on the auction house. 

I highly recommend starting with HearthCast Episode 57:  How to Tell Your Friends You Play WoW.  This one is hillarious.

Rewt goes over an auction house tip each week and he also goes over his experiment following a Zygor Leveling Guide.  It is a guide that helps tell you what direction and quests to take to level your characters.  So it is a very interesting segment to hear about on the Hearthcast Podcast.  He is leveling a Worgen named Zygorgen.  If you are interested in a Zygor Leveling Guide you can follow this affiliate link.

So give this podcast a listen.  You may find HearthCast as enjoyable as I do.



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  1. Haha, I never noticed your acronym is the same as Chinese Gold Farmer. /feels silly for not noticing


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