Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Malware Attack / Site Safe Again

Malware Attack

So this last 3/12 Saturday morning there was a malware attack here at Cold's Gold Factory.  Anyone that came to the site Saturday morning up until about noon Central time should run anti-virus software and check for an invasion.  I am terribly sorry, if anyone was infected from visiting my site. 

What was happening during the security breach?

I was able to verify a site redirect.  When trying to enter the site, I was redirected to other sites.  Some others had reported "Browser Bombing" as well.  Upon exiting the site, infinite pages were auto launched into new browsers.  Markco also recently had his Paypal account hacked and drained the same day.  This may also have been caused by the malicious code on the site.  Due to the close proximity of the attack in relation to being browser bombed from this site, it is assumed that the malicious code caused a cookies retrieval of his login name, with a hack of the password minutes behind.

It's safe now?

I have spent the rest of the weekend, ensuring the safety of the site and verifying its safety.  I have identified the original source of the attack as a malicious code imbedded into a Project Wonderful Banner Ad.  All Project Wonderful Ads have since been removed and will never return here.  I have used multiple major online site checking tools and all have returned back that the site is once again safe.  Again I apologize to anyone that was infected or affected by the strange happenings here Saturday morning.

To be safe, make sure to run a virus scan on your computer, clear out your cookies, and change any passwords you have stored on your computer.

Again, I am terribly sorry.  Nothing harmful was or ever will be done here intentionally.  Only those visiting the actual site on Saturday morning could be infected.  Viewing from the Daily Newsletter in your email inbox wouldn't be an exposure, unless you followed a link and came to the actual site on Saturday morning.

Everything is back to being safe now as confirmed by multiple major site scanning tools.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience. 


  1. Glad its all fixed up mate, gj :)

  2. Ah, I've been wondering what all the fuss was about.


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