Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Know You're A Greedy Goblin When...

You Know You're A Greedy Goblin When...

  1. The Shattering destroys Azeroth as we once knew it, but you haven't even noticed.
  2. You delete your Hearthstone because it is taking up important bag space.
  3. You spend your IRL lunch hour scouring over gold blogs.
  4. You have so many guild banks you keep losing track of what items are stored where.
  5. You have enough back stock to put the entire goblin trading cartel out of business.
  6. You have 4 year old items in your bank waiting for the value to return.
  7. You lie and tell others you have far less gold than you actually have.
  8. Even though you have hundreds of thousands of gold, you tell the 1 gold beggar to "Go the f*ck away and earn your gold like everyone else".
  9. Your in game friend list is full of nothing but competitors.
  10. You delete and re-roll a new banking character every few weeks.
  11. All of your characters have special letter characters in their name.
  12. You get hate mail on a daily basis.
  13. You're broke IRL, but you're rich in WoW!
  14. Cataclysm has been out for over 3 months, but you still haven't ran a heroic dungeon.
  15. Your banking toon's gear is worth more than the character its on.
  16. You don't even know where Tol Barad is on the world map.
  17. You're still waiting for more nerfs before starting your dungeoning career.
  18. You can make 35k in 5 hours selling nothing but Mysterious Fortune Cards.  :)

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  1. You write a blog about gold making in WoW

  2. You know your farmers families better than your own

  3. must make a tinfoil hat after this post!

  4. Simply Hillarious! Great Read brother!

  5. I'm guilty of quite a few of these! Thanks for making me smile!

  6. Damn I was in the process of deleting my hearthstone as I was reading this...Made me LOL all the way to my guildbank! Great Read.

  7. You learned some basic Chinese while contacting gold farmers.

    Btw: I deleted my hearthstone, too (on my mage, that is). Only takes one important bag slot away, so what's wrong with that? :(

  8. ...People create a "fake" character with a name very similar to your banker's to try and scam you out of gold.

    Seriously, just happened last night. Hilarious.

  9. #8 is so true...

    ... You will spend 5k on ore without hesitation for the shuffle ... but at the same time, you still think that 5k epic cloak is too pricy...

  10. Hilarious. I am glad that at least 3-4 don't apply to me - yet.

  11. It's like you crawled up into my mind and revealed it for the whole world to see....(points shakey finger) Witch! WITCH!

    And where the heck IS Tol Barad?

  12. You Know You're A Greedy Goblin When, your main bank char is named Ackermann ( and sleeps in the second floor of the darnassus-AH (there's a bed!)

  13. Lifedream of Black DragonflightOctober 28, 2011 at 8:38 AM

    You know you are a greedy Goblin when you see an item and you don't know how it is obtained or what it is used for, but you buy it because you are sure you can flip it for a profit.

    Keep your hand on your coinpurse,


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