Sunday, March 13, 2011

What I'm Selling Currently

My Current Markets

I have been receiving quite a few emails asking me what markets I am currently working in.  Since I have been working 60+ hours a week at my day job and have a limited amount of playtime lately, I am not in as many markets as I prefer to be.  The following list shows what my major markets are currently.

As with any gold maker that has 10 characters and all professions, I am constantly dabbling in various markets and looking for new opportunities to make gold.  The following is a list of what I am currently selling on the Auction Houses of Azeroth.  Items are listed in no particular order.

Rich Purple Silk Shirt

Barbaric Bracers

Stonemason Cloaks (bought while green for 1-2g, flipping for 75g now that they are blue - only a few left out of about 30) just one of the Greens Gone Blue that I made a killing off of since Cata.

Raw JC Daily gems on their daily day

Raw Cata Enchanting Mats (from D/E and D/E jewelry from shuffling)

Greater Eternal Essense and Illusion Dust (from D/E blacksmith crafted Enchanted Thorium Blades)

Flipping Rugged Leather as available

Volatile Lifes (bought at 5g per, price is up to 10+ usually)

Blacksmith made Enchanting rods

+ Crit to cloak scrolls

flipping alliance only vanity pets to horde ah

vendor bought cooking and limited qty crafting recipes (various depending on what I snag in my questing travels)

Netherweave bags - selling like hotcakes (assume lots of alts rerolled lately)

Mammoth Mining Bags

Whitesoul Helms

+4 Stats to chest scrolls

+Minor movement speed to boots scrolls

Fiery enchant scrolls

Mysterious Fortune Cards

DMF Deck Single Cards

Flipping black vitriols from silvers to 25g per, lol - just for fun

Meta Gems raw and cut



  1. What's the name of the +crit to cloak enchant you sell? There's so many I never seem to know which one is best for endgame and which is best for heirlooms and all that.

  2. I've been spending a lot of time in Outland recently while working on Netherwing dailies and have been doing brisk business with items sold by Shat vendors.

    Some stuff surprised me including vendor bought bags flipping for almost twice their price.

    Now that there is an AH in Shat putting them up I'd dead easy. I may just have to station one of my lesser used alts there and make it a daily habit.

  3. That's a really nice list Cold. A bit surprised that Barbaric Bracers are on there (I've never had much luck with them, but I guess it's time to check them out again) and that the Crusader enchant isn't on there.

    Also can't believe you still have Stonemason cloaks in your inventory. Wow. I got rid of the green - blue Cata items at least a month ago. You must have really stocked up.

  4. @Bangkok Bill

    I sell Barbaric Bracers for 125g each and usually sell 1-2 every weekend with another 1-2 during the week. I also constantly am snatching up cheap pearls, fangs, and spider silk for low level craftables.

    Stonemason cloaks? Yeah I had about 30 of them stockpiled total. Paid 1-2 gold for each. I originally sold a few for 34-40g each, but they sold so fast I jacked the price to 75-77g per.

    I stuck a few back to sell later (now) to the new wave of leveling alts.

  5. I used to sell the barbaric bracers but the supply of heavy hide has completely dried up on my server. I've been trying to find a farming spot but to no avail - any suggestions?

  6. @Nev

    I have heavy hide and cured heavy hides both in my snatch list. I just grab em from the auction house on the weekends usually.

  7. Very generous of you to share this list. The information regarding disenchanting Thorium Blades is PRICELESS. Good money to be made there. Thank you very much.


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