Monday, April 12, 2010

EASY FLIP: Black Vitriol

I would not use a snatch list for these, but you can buy any you see at a low cost and mark up to 5g easy. With all of the people grinding alchemy to get the transmutes, these do move off the AH for 5g each since it is needed to make the philosopher's stone, which is required to transmute. Suprisingly, they are selling out same day or night.

This is an easy item to watch for anyone, but especially great for those poor AH noobs just learning the art of the flip, since it has a huge profit margin.


  1. WoWEcon data and Wowhead comments don't seem to support this. I haven't checked on my server, but both the abundance of Black Vitriol drops and the fact that each Alchemist only needs to ever make one Philosopher's Stone, keeps the price at or below 1g. Are you really seeing these "fly off the shelves" at 5g a pop on your server? Are you sure you aren't just seeing a brief anomaly in sales, or do you really think selling these at marked-up rates is sustainable?

  2. I buy these when I see them on the AH and flip em to 5g. Why does it work? There are hardly any on my server on the AH regularly, for whatever reasons. Most of these get vendored or trashed so, if there are not many on your servers AH, you can control the market. This isn't a huge mover, but a recommendation for another item to look at to flip.

    All I know is that on my server I buy em out, then relist em, and the sell same day for 5g.

    Look into the status on your own server and keep me posted to see if you have any success as well.

  3. These have continued to sell well, with me selling out of them at 5g a pop continually. Just bought a stack of 20 for 2g total, and am flipping these for easy profit.

  4. I sold one for 65g jus one not a stack just one on my server


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