Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daily Gold Tips Newsletter

Cold's Gold Factory Daily Tips Newsletter

I have started a newsletter that goes straight to your inbox.  The newsletter is a great tool as it will allow you to read my full daily posts in your email.  This may be very helpful to those of you who can't access gaming sites at work.

Signing up for the newsletter has great benefits.
  1. Access entire posts anywhere you can access your email.
  2. Newsletter members only content.
  3. Newsletter members future contests and giveaways.

"This is my first time writing to you so I wanted to first start by thanking you for the amazing tips you have provided me for the last three months. When I started I was holding 20K after buying the sandstone drake, but now I'm sitting at 180K as a result of your daily tips." -Areeb

My Free Daily Gold Tips Helped Areeb and They Can Help You Too

BLOGGERS:  I signed up for the AWeber Mailing Software to start the email newsletter.  Check out my link to them, if you are interested.  First month is only $1, then only $19 per month.   It is well worth it.

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  1. @fluxdada

    Since its blogging related and not gold related, I made a post just for you Flux. You can find it over at Blogging Vitals, my blog for blogger.

    Advantages of AutoMailers


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