Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mageroyal Market Control For Children's Week

Children's Week Is Coming

Once a year, the value of the herb Mageroyal spikes very high.  This regularly happens during the one week long in game holiday, Children's Week.  Why?  3 Mageroyal herbs are required to craft a Delicious Chocolate Cake, which is required as part of the Bad Example achievement.  The Delicious Chocolate Cake also requires 8 Small Eggs, so Children's Week is a great time to unload any extra Small Eggs you may have left over from the last Winter's Veil holiday.

Check out all of the goodies that I was selling for insane mark-ups last Children's Week.

Plan Ahead - Now

Small Eggs are easily farmed and if you don't get the jump on your competition selling early you can get quickly lost in the waves of undercutters.  Mageroyal on the other hand, will be much less available once Children's Week begins.  Stock up on Mageroyal now.  5+ weeks to go until the holiday begins, so start checking the auction house now for Mageroyal.  

I seem to almost always run out during this great seller's holiday.  I sell mine 25g per stack of 3.  Yeah, crazy profits, but only if you plan ahead.  So go ahead and start looking for Mageroyal to buy up.

I'm usually one of the first to give the gold blog readers a heads up, but this year The Gold Queen broke the tip to start preparing for Children's Week before I did so I wanted to give some credit.  


  1. Always brilliant advice. As a bit of an achievement whore I did the long strange trip the first year round. After that I remembered how much I'd been willing to pay for stuff just to get them done. I've been picking up Mageroyal around 4g a stack over the past week, some I'm banking some I'm using for glyphs! x

  2. Been buying all the Mageroyal that been coming up when I do my flipping scans with Auctioneer. Stacked up 724 of them this far now.
    Any tip on how many that I should stack up?

  3. @sloth888

    Sounds like you have plenty to me unless you on a heavily populated server.


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