Monday, May 3, 2010

Exploiting the Children

Last month I told you to Start Stockpiling For Children's Week.

Did you take my advice? I made over 4k from the Auction House, overnight and sales are still rolling into the mailbox.

These are the prices I am moving my products at.

Delicious Chocolate Cake for 120g ea.
Tasty Cupcakes 12g.
Stacks of 3 Mageroyal 25g.
Flask of Port 10g.
Red Velvet Cupcakes 5g.
Dalaran Brownie 10g.
Dalaran Donut 5g.
Small Egg 22g ea.
Northern Egg 8g.


  1. As with any holiday, planning and posting just before the start of the event are vital.

    Many of these items have dropped in value already down to 50s for cupcakes, and a gold or 2 for eggs, but the Cakes continue to sell for over 100g each. Hope you had planned ahead also.

  2. All the prices are pretty low on my server, the cakes going for 8g. But there is still a nice profit to be made, especially small eggs and mageroyal. Just nothing nearly as ludicrous as mentioned here. Most everything else has bottomed out.

  3. That's why I posted nearly a month ago about preparing for this as well as recommending posting around midnight 2 hours before the holiday started. When you are first to post, you create the fall back price. When you buy the market up of the required mats all month prior, you dry up supplies for competitors.

  4. Made 2,000k within 24 hours of Kids week. Thanks for stockpiling tip. Planted an alt to buy all the Mageroyal for 3 weks and was the 1st to post on AH. I thought I was expensive and players were buying Dalaran donuts 6 gold and 18 gold for cupcakes. My initial investment was maybe 50 gold total. Nice return on investment. Thanks

  5. im a bit late on this kids week stuff but going to begin farming some mageroyal and eggs


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