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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stupid Goblin

Gevlon wrote: "This means that anyone who has more than 2 brain cells (so doesn't buy Mammoth or bike) has enough gold."
Reasons why the Tundra Traveler's Mammoth is a viable purchase.
1) Vendors: Reagants, Ammo, Food, Water, General Goods & Repair!
2) Ability to sell vendor trash without wasting time going to town.
3) Carry Dual-boxers with you for ease and speed.
4) 3 Man Pvp Gank Squad.
5) Less wasted time means more Gold-per-hour.


  1. Speaking of gank squad, you can have people gank in a neutral town and then jump on the mammoth to get away!

  2. in the context of people not having gold, the quote makes a bit more sense. if you don't have enough gold because you bought a Mammoth then you are probably an idiot. To put it another way: gold has a marginal value. The first 20k is much more important to the average player than the last 20k that puts him over the gold cap. having 20k in the bank means you can support all of your gear, enchanting, consumable needs and still have plenty of money leftover for upgrades, alts, whatever. if you spend that 20k an mammoth which offers limited utility then you have given up a lot of utility (20k vs 0 gold) for a little. if you are at the gold cap and spend 20k on a mammoth then you have given up practically 0 utility (195k vs 215k is for all intents and purposes the same in today's wow economy) for a little utility, which is a good trade.

  3. If you can get enough gold to buy a mammoth. Then you should also be able to make enough gold quickly to support everything else. I think the mammoth mounts will be VERY popular w/ the xpac as everyone starts to level. I love being able to vendor trash as I'm questing and killing everything in my path.

  4. Gevlon said that, but as everyone knows he's a douchebag who doesn't know the meaning of "fun."

    If someone buys a Mammoth and then becomes broke, but are having more funand enjoys the game more, then it was a good purchase. Gevlon just sees everything in numbers. WoW is a damned game, if it's not fun then what's the meaning?

  5. Everyone knows that if you buy a mammoth then you don't have enough gold left to pay to raid.

  6. Hmm, I saved up 16k to buy my mammoth a long time ago... and buying it put me back under 1k at the time if I remember right. It's been at least a year now, and second only to buying epic flight, my mammoth was my best purchase in WoW by a long ways. I very rarely buy things to support my gear, raids, I generally go farm my own mats and consumables, which means the ONLY thing I really need cold hard cash for is repairs. Thankfully, I'm a clothie!

    I don't think Gevlon is stupid, but calling me stupid just for doing something he wouldn't do doesn't make him look very smart, either. Oh well.

  7. I remember buying epic flying in BC. I spent every last gold I had to get it, then had to go buy the new mount. Then I used my new fast speed to herb faster and make more gold. I would do it again.

    I still don't have a mammoth and I'm sitting on 360k. Sure it's nice, but I only raid on my main and there is always a vendor close by or Jeeves.

    When the expansion comes out, that might change things. Questing without having to go back to town with full bags, sounds like a plan.


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