Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maelstrom Crystals | Lantern and Lamp Trading

Magic Lamp

Maelstrom Crystals

Patch 4.1 will bring ways to get Maelstrom Crystals much easier and cheaper.  The new ZG and ZA Heroics coming in Patch 4.1 will be dropping epic items, which will be able to be disenchanted into the Maelstrom Crystals.  The result will be an increase in the supply of the Maelstrom Crystals across all servers.  The prices of these Maelstrom Crystals will drop as they are much more readily available as the new supply enters the market.

Most players are excited about the opportunity to finally be able to start moving some of the higher end enchants that require the Maelstrom Crystals.  Right now the cost of the higher end enchants due to the requirement of the Maelstrom Crystals has the price very expensive and not worth trying to sell as the investment required is outrageous and probably unable to allow for much profit on most servers.  People just don't want to spend that much gold on an enchant, especially on an item that will be replaced soon.

Lantern And Lamp Trading

Two items that will also see a lowered production cost are the Enchanting crafted vanity pets.  The Enchanted Lantern and the Magic Lamp are companion pets crafted by Enchanters.
  • The Enchanted Lantern is only craftable by Horde Enchanters.
  • The Magic Lamp is only craftable by Alliance Enchanters.
Both of these companion pets require a single Maelstrom Crystal as a part of the crafting requirements.  Currently they are very expensive to craft due to the sheer cost of the Maelstrom Crystal required.  Once the cost of the Maelstrom Crystals drops after Patch 4.1, then these companion pets may be a great option to profit on the auction house.  As many players will be fiddling in the higher end enchant market, you may be able to find a niche within the vanity pet market selling these faction specific vanity pets.  And Patch 4.1 will be causing a demand spike for vanity pets since there are new achievements coming with the patch also.  

Cross Faction Trading 

You can make a ton more by getting involved in swapping these companion pets to sell to the faction that is unable to craft them at all.  On average, the value of the opposing faction's enchanting pet will be higher than the value of the pet everyone on your faction can create.  Both are viable income streams, but when both avenues are explored together the profit should be more than double the single revenue stream given the limiting nature of the faction specific crafting requirements.  The vanity pet / companion market is a great market to get you started with Arbitrage, or Cross Faction Trading.

Also if you are thinking about buying one of either the lantern or lamp pets, you should wait until after Patch 4.1, when the cost to craft should be significantly lower once the Maelstrom Crystals start to enter the market at a reliable pace.


  1. Great input and forethought as always Cold.. thanks... now if only i had an enchanter to make one... on both factions would be better...

  2. If im correct, epics from ZG & ZA cant be DE at least thats how it was on the PTR, still there is goin to be lots more maelstrom crystals from JP. :)


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