Sunday, February 27, 2011

Companion / Vanity Pet Sales To Spike

WoW Companions
Patch 4.1 PTR Data

Vanity pet, or companions as they are now called, sellers should start to see a spike in sales with the new achievements for companion collectors. Coming in Patch 4.1 are 2 new achievements. These achievements will be awarded for collecting 100 pets and 125  There are also 5 new Vanity Pets coming soon.

New Companions
New Companion Achievements
Companion Pets Sales Spike

If you aren't in the vanity pet market, then now may be a great time to enter and start dabbling in this market.  This has long been a very lucrative market on my server, especially if using the neutral auction house to trade cross-faction.  Players just love collecting things likes mounts and vanity pets.  There is ALWAYS a spike in sales of companion pets when new acheivements are introduced into World of Warcraft.  These achievements will spark an increase in sales of these companion pets as early as...already.  Players that are already aware of the incoming achievements have begun to start pushing for those new achievement quantity requirements.  Hopefully these will award new vanity pets for completion.

The other time that vanity pets see a noticable sales spike is during In-Game Holidays.  Check out my Guide To Vanity Pet Sales to get you starting profiting on the auction house within the companion pet market.


  1. I've sold a few vanity pets before but it has never worked for me before, but I am going to try to get back into it a little before the patch goes live.

  2. Well, I'm sitting on a few bank tabs of high-value vanity pets... I can't decide when to sell them, as prices are continually rising.

  3. I used to be selling pets frequently for 85g on the opposing faction's AH but as of the past few weeks someone's undercut me to 10g (The fools!)

    I hope I can discourage them out of the market by the time 4.1 comes out but, of every market I've participated in, vendor items is likely the hardest to push someone out of with limited cheap supply. :(

  4. with unlimited cheap supply that is*

  5. Looking forward for your post, i'd like to know which pets i should buy from AH to store them for that patch and which pets are good to farm now etc.


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