Friday, February 25, 2011

PTR Data Brings New Shinies

Renowned Guild Tabard is coming.  Can't wait to snag these up for my alts to help push that guild reputation and level grind.  Illustrious Guild Tabard is going to be available from an earlier guild reputation level or requirement.  Championing for your Guild Reputation will be so nice for my alts who help push the guild reputation grind.

Landro's Lichling is a new Vanity Pet.  I wonder if it is being added to the WoW TCG Loot from the War of Elements expansion coming around April.

A couple of fun items are also being included to the game.  Fool's Gold can transform up to 25 players into Greedy Kobolds.  And the War Party Hitching Post which allow 25 players to summon a Hitch Horse mount.  Maybe these will come from the TCG as well.

8 New Mounts will be available eventually as they have also been found in the data.  Yay - fun stuff, mounts, companions, ZG and ZA, epics, oh my!

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