Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mysterious Fortune Card Barks Revisited

Mysterious Fortune Cards

One of the most common topics that I am frequently asked about is the Mysterious Fortune Cards.
Questions come in regarding dealing with competition, barking assistance, and when to reset the market. The most common request is for new barking ideas or new barks. So here you go. By popular request, I am releasing my current list of barks that I use for selling this excellent Inscription money maker. Remember to check out the Announce It add-on as it will make your life a ton easier when barking your fortune cards.

If you aren't up to speed on these items, please review the Mysterious Fortune Cards Compilation.  This was a previous post here at Cold's Gold Factory that leads to many posts around the blogosphere, as well as my own series on the Mysterious Fortune Cards.

My Current and Successful Barking Macros

  • Are You Underage and Wish you could Gamble, but can't get into a Casino?  Well now is your chance!  Blizzard has created [Mysterious Fortune Card] for You!

  • Is Lady Luck on Your Side?  Will You Get Lucky Tonight?  Flip a [Mysterious Fortune Card] on the AH.  No One Will Know...

  • Are You Sitting Half Naked In A Beanbag Chair Eating Cheetos?  Well Buy Some [Mysterious Fortune Card]s off the AH Now.  You Won't Get A Life, but You Could Win 5000 gold!

  • New Messages, New Players, New Winners!  Grab Some [Mysterious Fortune Card]s off the Auction House.  Tons of Fun...5k Jackpot possible from just 1 ticket.

  • Don'tcha Let Da Raid Leada Be Catchin' You Missin' Raid from Gamblin'.  Grab Summa Me [Mysterious Fortune Card]s Fo Da Road.

There you have it.  Those are the exact macros that I use in game to bark my Fortune Cards.  Hope these help to spark not just your sales, but your creativity as well. 

If you just can't get enough barks to read, then head over to The Tipped Copper and Xeroaxe's Barking Post.  I got inspiration for a couple of my favorites from his site.

Feel Free To Add Your Favorites That Work For You To The Comment Section

Check out Cold's Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery Guide.


  1. I am thinking about including the 1k card into the 10% bonus incentive program as well. Have you actively done that and if yes, how many winners of those have you had so far?

    Also, I would really appreciate your feedback on my MFC experience blog post, you being the MFC grandmaster and all. ;)

  2. "Are You Sitting Half Naked In A Beanbag Chair Eating Cheetos? Well Buy Some [Mysterious Fortune Card]s off the AH Now. You Won't Get A Life, but You Could Win 5000 gold!"

    That is great! Are you using that macro addon for these? Or do you just spam a different one every now and then?

    Great post mang, I love hearing your ideas on selling MFCs.

    Do I smell a contest on the best bark? =)

  3. *maybe not, that might have just been a cheetos fart.....

  4. @Alto

    Yeah I used Announce It. It isn't an auto-shouting program, you still must click each time. It adds a pull down to a mini-map buttom where you just click and scroll down to the one you want and click it.

    So I send them out in random order.

  5. @Apprentice Trader

    Haven't had a winner find a 1k card yet to turn back into me.

    Bought back 2 of the 5k Fortune Cards so far.

  6. I've taken your advice about barking in general before when it comes to the Mysterious Fortune Cards, and I've found it works really well! I usually sell most of the singles I put up only a few moments after barking. It works out well to put up some of the fortune cards, bark, and then go about my usual AH business while reposting them every now and then. Thanks for the advice! :) They really do sell faster if you mention buying the 5k card back for more. XD


  7. Cold, this was a fantastic set of posts. I've just recently returned to WoW, was a formerly successful scribe in the glyph market in Wrath so naturally turned to the same trade skill in Cata to try and build up my gold stores again. You have hit the nail squarely on the head with this. I've practically copy/pasted your strategy, tools and barks into my repertoire on my server and the business has absolutely exploded over the last week. All of the nuances are there that you've described, and all of the results are there that you've insisted would unfold provided you stick to the strat.

    Many, many thanks for all of your contributions!


  8. Hi cold.
    First of all congratulations for the awesome blog you got here :)

    Okay. I have a problem: I was the first one on starting to sell Mysterious Fortune Cards on my realm but currently i found it kind of bad.

    I usually post the fortune cards for 24-27g each but now some guy with a huge inventory started to sell it for 19g each. At first i would buy and repost but atm if i buy, let's say, 150 cards he will repost another 150 cards for the same price. If i undercut him he puts the cards for 15g each.

    What should i do? Thank you by now :)

  9. @tugawow

    When attempting a buyout and market reset, you should wait until there are only a few left on the auction house. Buying up 150 is dangerous as you won't flip those before more undercutters swoop in.

    Try posting them in multi-size stacks as well as advertising that you pay 5.5k for any 5k winners from YOUR CARDS only.

    Then sit back and watch the customers leapfrog the undercuts and buy up yours. Trust me, it works.

  10. Thank you very much for the tips cold :)
    The undercutter always post the cards for 48hours and that is what annoys me :S

  11. "Win the [Fortune Card] from one of Mine, and I'll Buy It for 5.5k! That's a 10% PRIME BONUS from my [Mysterious Fortune Card]s. On the AH Now"

    How do you know who they bought the cards from if they won it off the auction house?

  12. @Anon

    You can't tell who originaly crafted the card that they won 5k on. That's irrelevant though because players will still jump past the competition to buy your cards and have the chance for the extra 500 gold.

    You can always check the auction house for current auctions sold for anyone who claims they just won off of one of your cards. Also you can check Beancounter data. If they aren't in your buyer history then they never bought from you.


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