Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Dumb and The Desperate

"Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it."

Publius Syrus (42 B.C)

Trade Chat

Are you watching the trade chat channel while you are in the major cities?  Are you entrenched into your routine and letting easy opportunities pass you buy?  There sometimes exist easy opportunities to help another player out, turn a profit, and have a laugh all at the same time.  Let me explain about a couple of recent customers that I have helped from the trade chat channel.  I like to the break the monotony of the auction house game up a bit by servicing the needs of the trade chat shouters.  Having multiple professions covered is a great increase to the chances that you will find work in the trade chat channel.

The Dumb and The Desperate Customers

Some players are completely ignorant of the auction house and how it works.  Others may be too rushed to check the prices on the auction house before agreeing on a deal in private whispers.  Take a look at a couple of these fine specimens that I assisted. 

The Dumb

I was on my scribe one night selling Mysterious Fortune Cards and posting glyphs.  I noticed that one of my glyphs had just sold, so I contacted the buyer to see if he needed any other glyphs.  I told him I would beat the AH prices.  He then told me the 3 mage glyphs he needed crafted.  I crafted the 3 glyphs and told him to, "Hold on a second while I check the prices."  Before I can tally a total for his order he says, "How's 500g?"  Of course I take the 500 gold for the 3 Mage glyphs.  He comes and meets me and I trade him the 3 glyphs for the agreed 500 gold.  Funny thing is he flew to the auction house to pay me and collect his glyphs.  We were standing right next to an auctioneer in the auction house.  Checking the auction house would have shown him the total price for buying those same 3 glyphs off of the auction house was only 105 gold total.  Just plain dumb.

The Desperate

I was going about my normal auction house posting routine one night, when I saw this in trade chat. 

"WTB Accurate Scope!  Will Pay Anything!"

I quickly contacted the buyer and offered to craft it for him for 350g my mats.  He replied, "Yes!  Finally found an engineer.  350 gold sounds great!  I'm finally able to get my engineering specialty."

So I sold a single Accurate Scope to this guy for a whopping 350g!

So don't forget to explore your other options with interacting with players through the trade channel.  Maybe you can profit off of some of the dumb and the desperate on your server.

Anyone else have any similar experience to share in the comments?

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  1. My most recent 'dumb' encounter was just a few days ago, when I was able to snag a Haunted Memento for 1k gold from a guy selling it in trade chat. If he took one look at the auction house, he would have noticed they go for about 5k on my server.

    Though, in truth, he might have known the regular price and was not actually one of the dumb ones, he might have been one of the desperate ones that needed 1k gold and needed it fast.


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