Saturday, February 5, 2011

JMTC Coaching Program Breakdown

Cold is a JMTC WoW Coach
The JMTC Coaching Program

Following the success of his #1 Gold Making Guide, Markco of Just My Two Copper and 20k Leveling has a new project.  This project is ground breaking and revolutionary.  Straight from the mastermind of Markco comes the Just My Two Copper WoW Coaching Program.

This is a coaching program where players can search for a coach that specializes in any World of Warcraft related topic.  This isn't just for learning about gold making, but options for finding help with PvP, Talent Builds, Raiding, Twinking, PvE, or anything else that happens in game.  Most coaches are willing to put in some one-on-one time with you for your coaching session, others can teach through emails, and some can be holding group coaching sessions.  The program was just released on Friday February 4, 2011.  The sky is the limit.

Costs for an interested player can vary greatly depending on the coach's price sheet.  Coaching can range from as little as $5 to $25 per hour.  There is only so much that you can get from a blog when compared to an actual real life coaching session for an hour or longer that includes question and answer sessions and specific tailored counseling.  This is a great idea and I am happy to be one of the initial coaches enrolled.

If you are interested in personal one-on-one coaching from me, then head over to the 20k Leveling Find a WoW Coach page.  Look for me, Cold.  The picture there matches my header at Cold's Gold Factory.

Making Money As A Coach

There are 2 ways for WoW players to make real life cash by doing what they love.  You can profit from being a coach.  All coaching money is yours to keep.  The second option is by referring coaches to join the program.

The coaching program costs $10 per month for coaches.  This helps cover hosting costs, tutorials from Markco, coaching members area, etc.  The biggest benefit of joining this coaching network is you get listed in the coaching directory over at JMTC.  This will be one of the easiest places for eager players looking to find a coach to get matched up with a coach of their choosing.  So you definitely want to be listed in the directory of coaches.

The second way to make money is by referring other coaches to the program.  For each coach you refer, you get half of their $10 a month coaching membership fee.  It's $5 per referred coach that signs up under you.  So refer two coaches and you are making back your $10 per month.  And there is a 60 day money back guarantee, so you are free to experiment with the coaching program.

Join My Coaching Crew

If you are an expert in any area of World of Warcraft you should sign up to become a coach for the Just My Two Copper Coaching Program.  Help teach someone else what you know and help pay for that WoW account and internet provider fees!

You should also follow my link, so that you become part of my coaching crew.  Why, you ask?  Well, I don't know everything.  If I get an inquiry for something that I would be uncomfortable with as a coaching topic, then I will first and foremost refer my potential clients to coaches that have signed up using my affiliate link.  I also have a vested interest in your continued success so I will be available for helping assist my fellow coaches who join my coaching crew.

Like I said earlier, this program is brand new and just released so demand is very high at this time.  There are a lot of players looking to be tutored right now, so don't wait.  Getting in on the ground level has some major advantages.  Some coaches are already getting players looking for help!

To sign up as a coach follow the link to 20k Leveling, then scroll all the way to the bottom.  The "Coaching" Link is at the very bottom, right side of the page.  So come on in to the Just My Two Copper Coaching Program and help other players out while being compensated for your time.


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