Saturday, February 19, 2011

Get Stoned At The Darkmoon Faire

Gelvas Grimegate
Darkmoon Faire Ticket Redemption

Each week that the Darkmoon Faire is visiting Azeroth is another chance to gamble on some random number generated goodies.  The Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets that are awarded from completing any of the Darkmoon Faire repeatable quests can be turned in to the Ticket Redeeming npc, Gelvas Grimegate.

Duck originally posted about the best way to gain Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets over at the Consortium Forums.  Dense Stones are dirt cheap on most servers and can usually be purchased in large quantities.  I buy any stacks of Dense Stone that I can find under 1 gold per stack.  You can gather these Dense Stones all month long in preparation for when the Darkmoon Faire arrives.

Use a blacksmith to craft Dense Grinding Stones and turn them in for the repeatable quest within the Darkmoon Faire grounds.  The quest Rituals of Strength awards 20 Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets for turning in 8 Dense Grinding Stones.  Anyone can turn these grinding stones in, you don't have to be a blacksmith to complete the quest.  By gathering dense stones and converting them to dense grinding stones for ticket turn-ins, you have yourself a very easy and cheap way to get a lot of the Darkmoon Faire Prizes.

Darkmoon Faire Prizes

Here is where you get to gamble against the random number generator.  Each of these Darkmoon Faire Prizes  has a chance to gain some green gear, rarer blue gear, contains like Traveler's Backpacks and Knapsacks, common, uncommon, and rare recipes.  You can even be awarded some of the super rare blue recipes like the Pattern: Rich Purple Silk Shirt or Plans: Mithril Shield Spike.

Regardless of what prizes you get, you will make gold on your investment.  Some of the greens you get will be nice enough to sell to leveling characters and the junk greens can be disenchanted.  Those enchanting materials can be sold raw or processed further into finished goods.  Since you will be disenchanting a lot of these items, I highly recommend using your Enchanter as the character to turn in the Dense Grinding Stones for the Prizes.  This will save you some time.  Another time saving option is to use an engineer, who can plop down a Moll-E mailbox to gather the Dense Grinding Stones from the mailbox as well as mail off items to other auction house alts or your enchanter.

Costs 40 Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets  Greater Darkmoon Prize : Contents
Costs 12 Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets  Lesser Darkmoon Prize : Contents
Costs 05 Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets  Minor Darkmoon Prize : Contents

Parting Thoughts

This is always going to be profitable, if you are buying the dense stones for cheap.  Just save your stones up and do a mass crafting of the grinding stones at the end of your play session.  This way you don't lose playtime crafting the hundreds of Dense Grinding Stones.  I have got many nice items to sell on the Auction House all from just buying Dense Stones, converting them to Dense Grinding Stones, gathering tickets, and getting prizes from Gelvas Grimgate.  It really is a sure fire way to make some easy gold.  Just make sure you know what your recipes are truly worth before you post them at the wrong price.  You should also be on the watch for underpriced recipes during the Darkmoon Faire Week from others that are trying this strategy, but posting their rare blue recipes for far less than they are worth.

And be sure to stop and check what Lhara has for sale while you are at the Darkmoon Faire.

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