Friday, February 18, 2011

Saronite Ore Solutions - Alchemist/Blacksmith/Miner

Got A Lot Of Saronite Ore In The Bank?

Many of us had stockpiled saronite ore at the end of Wrath of the Lich King.  I purchased all of my Saronite Ore stockpile at 12 gold or less per full stack of Saronite Ore.  Many times I would find the Saronite Ore for under 9 gold per stack.  Since 2 stacks of Saronite Ore smelt into 1 stack of Saronite Bars that sell for 25 gold per stack, simply smelting these Saronite Ores into Saronite Bars will yield a profit.  This gives me some leeway to experiment into different uses for the bars. 

Watch The Other Markets Of Side Products

Saronite Bars are used in various crafting recipes, but the main markets that may be seeing repeat sales are eternal belt buckles, titanium bars, titanium rods.  You can use a miner/alchemist/blacksmith combination on different characters as the best combination to move your Saronite Ore from your guild banks into gold in your stash.  Don't just look at the market prices of Saronite Ore and Saronite Bars.  Look beyond those to the next tier of crafting.  That is the level to play on.  Then you can look even farther into another level of crafting for more profits.


The Miner is used to Smelt some of the Saronite Ore into Saronite Bars.  Those Saronite Bars are then mailed to the Alchemist character and also are mailed to the Blacksmith character.


The Alchemist gathers the Saronite Bars from the mailbox.  She then transmutes them into Titanium Bars.  She is a transmutation specialization alchemist, which gives some extra Titanium Bars when it procs.  She keeps half of those Saronite Bars and sends the other half to the blacksmith character.  This character watches the Saronite Bar market on the Auction House and posts Titanium Bars onto the Auction House in bar form.  The market price tends to peak and spike often, so some days are good days to sell in Bar form and other days the market drops.  It's probably from a new alchemist leveling their alchemy skill.  Just hang onto the bars and sell them at a better time.


The Blacksmith is used to turn the Saronite Bars and Titanium Bars into Titanium Rods.  These rods are required by enchanters.  There are many things that you can sell to leveling enchanters and rods are one of the best markets for Blacksmiths to watch. 

Eternal Belt buckles are still selling as many players are still buying the old belt buckles as they level or find blue gear.  Seems that they are saving their gold to buy the new expensive belt buckle once they get an epic or raid belt. 

You can also watch the Saronite Ore Bar market with this character and toss up a few at moments when the price spikes.  Or you can try to reset the market when there aren't many left on the auction house. 

Another market to also watch that involves Saronite is Titanium Shield Spikes.  If price spikes, craft and post one and test the market before cranking a bunch out just becasue the price jumped up.


This has been the best combination for getting rid of Saronite Ore in various craftable item markets.  So if you are looking for a way to get rid of some of that Saronite Ore stockpile that is just sitting there, then try moving some out in these various markets.  The markets are starting to reset to higher levels for raw materials from Northrend as less characters are in Northrend and the farmers have moved into the Cataclysm zones for the higher priced ores.


  1. +Engineering! :D

    I used my miner to smelt mine, transmuted it with a xmute alchemist, smelted it to titansteel, and am selling choppers. :D

  2. I think its a lot of laziness. For me at least. I spent a lot of times leveling up certain professions, and then when I realize I can make money off something combining these two other professions, it's like "ahh..i don't really feel like giving up my other professions." So I use another character.

    I think it's about time for me to stop being lazy though :)

    Thanks for post, going to try out Miner/Alchy/BS considering I'm already a miner and BS.


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