Monday, February 14, 2011

Captain Samir's Blacksmithing Plans

Captain Samir
Captain Samir

Captain Samir is a vendor found within the Smuggler's Scar in Kelp'thar Forest.  He sells 10 different Blacksmithing Plans (including one limited quantity recipe) that can be purchased and flipped on the auction house.  He is not present in the Smuggler's Scar cave until you complete some quests and rescue him. 

Unlocking Captain Samir

You must first complete a short quest chain in order to rescue Samir and be able to interact with him.  Some players may be completely unaware that he even exists, since the majority of players chose Mt. Hyjal over questing underwater.

The quest that unlocks Samir is given by Adarrah and is Ain't Too Proud To Beg.

You must complete 2 early quests in the chain first.  Both are rather easy as one is just to talk to her, then the other is a scouting mission.

Captain Samir's Blacksmithing Plans

This guy is in a Cataclysm zone, yet he is a Burning Crusade recipe vendor.  Here is a list of the goodies that you can purchase from Captain Samir.
These are some great patterns for leveling Blacksmithing so they will move on the auction house.  Both Adamantite and Eternium Rod plans can be marked up steeply.  Some of these patterns can be found in either Shadowmoon Valley or Shattrath City, but Captain Samir has all of the patterns of both of those vendors.  The 3 armor plans create blue dps gear that also can be crafted and sold to leveling characters.

Anyone else found any nice new vendors in the new zones, besides the lvl 84 Twilight Highlands vendors?


  1. Hi Cold, I didn't know about this guy! You can buy some of the items from Shattrath
    and I pick them up if I have time to do a circuit around Outland for the other limited supply items, but they aren't selling on my server :( I hope you get more luck on yours!

  2. As The Gold Queen said, all of these items are available from Outlands Vendors. So if you don't want to do the chain quest or for some reason can't its a nice alternative.

    I covered all the items listed in my Outlands Limited Supply Guide

    Good post though.

  3. I have always wondered how well others do with these "convenience fee" auctions of selling recipes with unlimited supplies, The limited supply ones are nice and fairly steady but with my small server pop I'm unsure. So how much net profit do you usually see from these in say a week?

  4. @ Gold Queen and Sinshroud

    As stated in the article, "Some of these patterns can be found in either Shadowmoon Valley or Shattrath City, but Captain Samir has all of the patterns of both of those vendors."

    So although they are available, it is more convenient to have all of these on one vendor as opposed to flying to SMV and Shatt both.

    Anyone who has done any questing has unlocked Captain Samir as he's inside the very first hub after the initial intro to the zone quests.

    @Ian Every Seerver is different, so not sure what to tell you there. These tend to sell decent on my server as my server is very plate wearer heavy, thus extra Blacksmiths.

    The rod plans should sell easily on any server.

  5. @ Ian: Cold is right, every server is different. I have sold the Adamantite Armor patters for 30-35g all the way up to 75-80g. Depends on what is already in the AH and how aggressive I want to be. The cleaver I sold the other day for 150g.

  6. Thanks for the post as I had no idea this guy even existed.


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