Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Undermine Journal : The Gem Array

The Undermine Journal Enhancements Tab

Over at the New Undermine Journal site are all sorts of tools for your serious gold makers.  The enhancements tab provides a quick way to look into some of the various World of Warcraft crafting professions.  Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, and Inscription are all covered.  This tab provides quick links to popular items within each profession and a variety of charts are included with each profession.

Jewelcrafting Tab - The Gem Array

Under the Jewelcrafting Enhancement tab you will find a nice chart for a quick review of various gem cuts and whether it is profitable or not to cut each gem on average.  This is just one of the tools for determining which jewelcraftig recipe cuts may be the best to get with your Jeweler's Tokens from completely the Jewelcrafting dailies.

Reading the Gem Array Charts

The chart is a little confusing at first becasue our eyes are trained to read from left to right.  With the Gem Array charts you need to read top to bottom as the uncut gem price is at the top, with the cut selling prices listed below.  Great thing is that these charts compare uncommon cuts to uncommon gems and perfect cut uncommon gems, rare cuts to rare gems, and the currently unreleased epic gem cuts will fit right into this same chart.  Sites like Wowpopular will tell you what the most popular cuts are for each class, but that is based on world wide data.  Using The Undermine Journal shows you what cuts are selling the best on your server and further narrows it down to your faction on your server.  This is a much more detailed look into the markets that you are actually involved in.

When looking at the chart
  • Blue = Bad - These cut gems are selling for 75% of the uncut value.  Don't cut these as you can sell the raws for more gold, or choose a better paying cut.
  • Yellow = Good - These cut gems are selling for 1.5x the price of the uncut version.
  • Red = Awesome - These cut gems are selling for 3x the price of the uncut version.
Simply clicking on a single gem will also take you to the market data for that specific gem.  The Undermine Journal has ton of great information if you just dig in and do some researching and comparing.  This is just one of the many features at The Undermine Journal.

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Aren't You Happy The Undermine Journal Is Back?


  1. These charts are definitely awesome.
    However, one thing that there is yet to consider:

    If you take some of the orange or green gems, for example, you'll notice tremendous profit margins.
    But since they are not bought that often, one should not rely on those numbers alone.

  2. I play on EU server no undermine journal for us :-(


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