Friday, February 4, 2011

Twilight Highlands Blacksmithing Metal Trader

Kuldar Steeltooth
Kuldar Steeltooth and Brundall Chiselgut
The 2 Metal Traders in Twilight Highlands can only be reached after completing the required quest chain available once you hit level 84.  These new vendors trade smelted mining goods for their blacksmithing plans.  Kuldar Steeltooth is the Horde vendor and he is found at Dragonmaw Port.  Brundall Chiselgut is the alliance vendor and is found at Highbank.  These metal traders have a whoppin 34 Blacksmithing Plans available for your Blacksmith. 
There is no forge in Dragonmaw Port (unsure about Highbank) so make sure to come prepared with the bars already smelted.  If you need a forge for smelting you have to fly to the Krazzworks in the NE corner of Twilight Highlands.
Your Shopping List
There are 34 Recipes (Blacksmithing Plans) available total.
The accepted currencies for the metal traders include: 
Pyrium Bars (in 5 Stacks)
Hardened Elementium Bars (in 2 Stacks)
Elementium Bars (in 20 Stacks)
The total for all 34 Recipes is:  30 Hardened Elementium Bars, 200 Elementium Bars, and 45 Pyrium Bars. 
When broken down to the basic materials requirements for the Hardened Elementium Bars your total shopping list looks like this.  (Each Hardened Elementium Bar requires 10 Elementium Bars and 4 Volatile Earth.)
  • 500 Elementium Bars (or 1000 Elementium Ore)
  • 120 Volatile Earths
  • 45 Pyrium Bars (or 90 Pyrite Ore)

Plan Ahead
Don't be an idiot like me.  Don't go there without your shopping list of required bars.  Don't go there and mail the blacksmith the ores to smelt.  Ouch!  No Forge?!?!  Yeah that big forge looking thing isn't even a forge.  Don't go there thinking that you can just buy these recipes with gold.  Don't be dumb like my pore blacksmith who arrived and left empty handed.  LOL.  Don't think you can smelt your own Hardened Elementium Bars without training the skill first (requires 500 mining skill.)


  1. If you need to smelt, you don't fly off to the corner of the zone. Take the portal in the keep next to the trader back to your capital city, use the forge there and then take the portal back.

  2. @Indy: Definitely the way most people will probably do it, but if Horde is anything like Alliance, you don't get the portal right away. We open up our vendors, including the Alliance version of this guy, then have to do about 10 more quests before we get the portal back to SW active. (Granted, we DO have a forge. /tease)

    But yeah, I definitely remember when my boyfriend and I effectively bought our raid leader Server First Blacksmithing. No one had snagged it yet and we're those weird nerds that think there's prestige in it, I guess. So we were tossing bars and such at him, I was in IF smelting the ores for him so he didn't need to spend the time, etc. etc. The WORST part was everytime I'd fly my ass out there (Time was ticking, no time to open the portal!) he'd be like "Oh, wait, I need Hardened Elementium to buy this, not Pyrium. Can you go buy me some in Ironforge?" /facepalm YES, SHOPPING LIST, YES! /agree

  3. I could have sworn i smelted bars at that forge must check again

  4. I have successfully smelted on the Alliance side. If you can't smelt on horde side then Blizz short changed your faction. I just tested it by smelting some hardened elementium myself.

  5. Running the risk of sounding like a complete noob here but I never would have thought to bring all the goods required to purchase all the plans at once. I typically buy one, train to the next skill-up, buy another, etc.

    Then when I get to max skill I gather the mats to buy the ones I want/need at that point. Never really saw the point of buying recipes I couldn't use when the mats costs are so high.

    This list helps to make the purchase process easier. Thanks.

  6. Remember, it is only about 15 seconds from the recipe seller to the AH if you take the Orgrimmar portal.
    I was kindof amused you made it sound like this great trek "out there"
    Thanks for the list though. :)

  7. The portal needs to be unlocked via more quests after the vendor is unlocked.

    So I have yet to unlock the portal, so your option isn't even an option for everyone.

  8. The forge at Dragonmaw Port has been hotfixed and is now functioning as a forge for smelting ores.

    About Time!


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