Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lovely Charm Farming Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air Event

The Love is in the Air World of Warcraft In Game Holiday Event will be starting this Sunday.  Are you planning on hunting for some spots to gather tons of the Lovely Charms?  The Lovely Charm Bracelet is not bound to your character, therefore it can be sold for nice amounts of gold to other players. 

It takes 10 [Lovely Charm]s to create a [Lovely Charm Bracelet].  These can be turned into your faction leaders for their daily quest.  These can also be turned into the Lovely Merchants in capital cities.  Both award Love Tokens, which are the required currencies to purchase the vanity pet, the mount, and the items requried to complete the Holiday Achievements. 

Farming Lovely Charms

First off, don't forget to pick up a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit to allow the collection of the lovely charms.  Note:  You can only get charms to drop off of mobs that would grant honor or experience.

The easiest ways to farm these charms got nerfed last year.  Ulduar dwarfs killed from the vehicles no longer count.  Trampling footman outside of the Icecrown Citadel grounds no longer works.
Bombing runs have been nerfed as well.  The frenzyheart wolvar area in Scholazar Basin has been nerfed also.  So what's left?

There is a chance that the new Cataclysm bombing missions may not have been corrected once the holiday begins.  So check those bombing runs like the Uldum daily or the fly over bombing runs in Vash'jir. 

The other option is to hit experience granting mobs that are closely packed or respawn quickly.  A few good spots (Depending on your level) include the Demon Hunter Initiates (level 70) outside of the Black Temple and the goblin reputation repair farming boat in Venture Bay, Grizzly Hills.  The Venture Co. Evacuees are level 73 so a level 80 can still tear through them for charms and goblin rep at the same time.

Other Farming Options

There are many options available for farming these Lovely Charms.  They can be collected when a party or raid member makes a kill as long as you are close enough.  My question is this:  Can I collect from group kills when I am appropriate level, but my party member is not?  If you can get them, then a 2 man team could reap huge amounts of these by running low level instances with an appropriate leveled partner. 

A high level could escort a lowbie to the end boss in the Cathedral of Scarlet Monastery, attack the boss (which instantly aggros the entire instance and sends them all charging in), AoE down the whole instance in a few quick minutes.  This all depends on whether they will still drop for the lowbie grouped with a higher level character. 

What locations and strategies can you guys think up?

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  1. Last year the two man group strategy did not work. Also, the Ebon Knights daily where you shoot the Dragonriders from the gun turret did give charms but was nerfed first day.

  2. Unless it's been changed in Cataclysm, which I'm pretty sure it hasn't, hitting the last boss in SM:Cath only agros the chapel itself. If you want to pull the entire instance you have to kill the guy, have her rez him, and then run outside the cathedral itself and once outside the doors the courtyard will be pulled as well.

    The undead mini-boss hiding in the backroom has to be done separately regardless as he'll often reset if pulled too far away from his spawn point.

  3. What about the initiates or whatever in Molten Core? My names might be wrong but I'm thinking of the 100 plus squishies in the Deepholm Dungeon. There's 100+ of them which I believe are lvl appropriate

  4. I submit here just a thought, sorry for not suggesting places, but:

    As fervent AH:ers, we might neglect some much younger alt we play just for fun.
    But then, being the sugar daddys we then are, they get some fairly OP gear - right?

    So why not use those instead!
    Nothing says you have to do anything else than just kill green-XP mobs - regardless of level.

    OK, I note Geargrinder went down to MC, but let's do the limbo:
    "How low can you go?" :D

    Won't promise I'll get back before Sunday, but I know I'll try my sadly neglected, blue/epic, AoE-capable level 43 prot Warrior.

  5. You can't sell on AH [Lovely Charm Bracelet] ... you could last year or how's profit ?!

  6. My guild master (Resto druid) and I (Prot paladin) just farmed 200 charms and sold the resulting 20 bracelets for 50g each via barking and 1on1 trading.

    Time investments: 1h of farming, 1h of barking.

    This nets him 500g per hour (he just helped with farming) and my 250g per hour (since I was the one barking).

    Nice if you have the time to bark them, otherwise I think you can make more elsewhere as a level 85 char (e.g. running Classic/TBC raid instances).

  7. Ah, barking ... rather prospect ore than bark more, had enough barking with Fortune Cards.

  8. Deepholme, bats and flayer packs that spawn quick, the bat packs have like 5k health the flayers like 10k, you can easily aoe them down, pull em while they pat about, I got 500 in about 30mins of farming

  9. The above post is right on the money. Insanely fast spawn rates and drop raites.

  10. (43 , 78) Icecrown.

    You're welcome.

  11. The fastest farming spot, believe it or not is inside Halls of Lightning, at the Slag spot after the first boss. It's soloable, instanced and they respawn VERY quickly and have 15k hp each.


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