Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Land of Free Volatile Earth

Nodrassil, Mount Hyjal

A great place to put those mining skills to use is at the Mount Jyjal inn.  Just outside the initial quest staging zone of the inn, there are countess numbers of Scalding Rock Elementals.  These Elementals are fighting the guards and are easy pickings.  The guards will help you kill them, but once killed they can be looted and then mined.  When you use your mining skill on the Scalding Rock Elemental corpse, they have a chance to produce 1-2 Volatile Earths.  The greys that come from both looting and mining their corpses will pile up fast, but can easily be sold right back inside the inn.

Elemental Goo

Elemental Goo is one of the Horde daily quests that can be randomly selected as the daily for all jewelcrafters.  On days that the selected quest is Elemental Goo, this same area mentioned above becomes much more exciting and profitable.  The Jewelcrafting daily quest required the jewelers to loot 10 quest drop items from any Cataclysm elementals.  These elementals are the closest and easiest elementals near Orgrimmar.  There will be a lot of jewelcrafters coming to kill their 15-20 mobs for the 10 quest drops that will fly or portal right back to town.  They leave the corpses of the elementals scattered everywhere.  All you need to do is run up and down the kill lines and mine the corpses before they despawn.

The Scalding Rock Elementals also drop Lovely Charms during the Love Is In the Air in game holiday.


  1. Just a quick correction to the Elemental Goo section: it's not only Horde JC daily, I do it on Alliance side too. Of course the tip also stays the same for the Allies too.
    Also note, that since a hotfix in December, if you are on this quest, the Elemental Goo is a fix drop from elementals outside instances. You can also loot Elemental Goo in dungeons, but it's not a fix drop.

  2. I farmed them for about an hour yesterday in a desperate attempt to find a new Meta recipe, and did not get a single Lovely Charm. Not sure if you need to be on some sort of quest line for them to drop, or have something in your inventory to trigger them, but they do not just randomly drop the charms. Did get 8 BoE greens and 36 Volatile Life. Didn't know you could mine them, so I might have to take my miner through there next time.

  3. Every time this is the JC daily I stick around for a bit and mine the corpses. Make a good deal of gold in vendor trash and get a few volatile earth to go with it. You could hang out here all day and mine the endless corpses left behind by all the JC'ers doing their daily

  4. One correction although not too big a deal; the JC only needs to kill 10. 100% drop rate so far unless something changed in the new patch. Yes they do drop lovely charms as well; just need to have the lovely charm collector's kit in your bag.

  5. @KhasDyler
    Thanks. I understand it may be the same quest for Alliance players, just wasn't sure if it was the closest spot to fly to elementals from an Alliance capital city.

    You need to get the Lovely Charm Collector's Kit from the Lovely Vendors in the Major Cities in order for the lovely charms to drop for you.

  6. Don't know if my experience is typical but I farmed both corpses and elementals here for about 45 minutes. Had to have mined 100 or so--and no Volatile Earth drops at all. Crapload of grey crystals, but that was all.

  7. Both factions get Elemental Goo as a JC daily. And as far as I can tell, they're synced so if one faction has it, the other does as well.

    It used to be a lower drop rate but it's been a 100% drop rate for about 2 months now; I can only think of having done it two or three times before having 100% drops on the goo.

    Another place to do this exact same thing is the borers in the tunnel where the Therazane dailies take place. Each person has to kill 10 and they're all mineable. Plus you can get obsidium/elementium nodes in the cave as well.

  8. @Cold
    No, it's obviously not the nearest elemental farming spot for an Ally if you *fly*, Hyjal being on Kalimdor and SW on Easter(n) Kingdoms. That would be Twilight Highlands, which is still faaar away (like 10mins of flying).
    I take portal from SW to Hyjal, which is instant, farm my Elemental Goo there, spend some time mining the corpses (around 1000g per hour from trash junk? oh yes!) then if I'm bored with it, just HS back to SW and hand in the quest.

  9. I verified last night that these mobs can still be mined for Volatile Earth. I have had good success there becasue each time they have a chance to mine up 1-2 Volatile Earth.

    After checking the Wowhead Mining Table for these mobs, I see that it is only a 5% drop rate to get the 1-2 Volatiles.

    This low chance per event is made up for with all of the free minable corpse that are scattered everywhere, especially on Elemental Goo days.


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