Monday, February 7, 2011

Lovely Charm Farming Hotspots: Icecrown

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At level 85, most of the Icecrown areas for farming Lovely Charms the quickest can be found in the Northrend zone of Icecrown.  The top 5 areas are marked in blue on the Icecrown map above. 

The training grounds North of Jotunheim have a decently fast spawn rate, especially if there isn't much competition.  The Cathedral entrance at Onslaught Harbor is an excellent AoE killing area.  The mobs are close together and are quick to respawn.  The cultists just west of the Argent Tournament Grounds are one of the best spots that I have been using.  Mobs are plenty, even with competition, and respawn very fast.  You can get large groups to pull at once rather easily.  You also can farm the shades that are summoned by the Deathspeaker, just leave him alive and he will keep summoning.  The seigesmiths to the South are another great option. 

UPDATED:  Best Spot To Farm Lovely Charms - 2012


  1. You cannot auction items with a limited duration.

    wam wam

    Did Blizz just kill any money making from this 'holiday'?

  2. Definately not dead. You can't sell them on the auction house, but you can still trade them to other players which makes them sellable via trade chat.

    Read the mysterious fortune card posts on barkin, if you need some barking tips.

  3. The spot I now prefer is also in Ice Crown, but it's the Converted heroes. They are west of Ymirheim. They have a lot of small groups that are great for AOE and I have even had a couple of 5 charm drops from a single group. Flame strike and blast wave.

  4. omg, Nigel, Thank you soooo much. I did not enjoy the idea of spending an entire day trying to figure out what would drop them reliably. I tried the groups of heroes with an arcane mage spamming Arcane explosion. Got the 120 needed to get the achieve in under an hour!


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