Monday, February 21, 2011

Bidding With Auctioneer : Reader Submission

Reader Submission:  Auctioneer Question

Ok gang.  I got a reader submitted question, that I don't have a definate answer for.  I am putting it out as today's post in an attempt to find a more suitable answer among the great and highly participatory readers of Cold's Gold Factory.
Hey Cold, here is my quandry, whenever i do a getall scan with auctioneer and do a vendor search, there always happens to be a ton load, like at least 100 gems (current ones) that all have their bid at 1c, i bid on all of them a couple of times but when i got 100 mail back with one copper each a couple of times i got sick of that. So what i was wondering was, is there a way automate a bid on on these items at 49 silver under vendor price (because i assume most people have their vendor search at 50 silver minimum profit) so that i only have to do 1 click and probably not have to worry about 100 mail with 1 copper in them!  -Robbie Clark

Well Robbie, I myself don't have a specific answer about this.  I am inclined to say that it isn't possible, especially after the changes to the auction house system.  Blizzard wants you to have to make at least a single click for each item as to not allowed semi-botting programs.

The only tip I can give you when it comes to bidding on the auction house is this.  Don't even bothering bidding unless there is 12 hours or less before the item's auction ends.  Better yet, try to only bid on items within their last 2 hours or 30 minutes to increase your odds of winning that item.  Bidding too early means you are almost guaranteed to be undercut, which leads to more mail collection and possible a lost item.

Ok gang.  Anyone have a work around for Robbie?


  1. Bidding is worth on the last 30 minutes, unless you want to live in anxiety if your bid goes through, really. I only include the 30 minute bids in my searches and it has so far worked extremely well.

    C out

  2. A bit time consuming to start with but could you put them on a separate snatch list? Then run that snatch search & use the buy/bid all option? You still have to click yes for each one but it's alot easier than 2 or 3 clicks per bid.

  3. I recommend at least using MailOpener or a similar addon to collect the mail
    still takes ages to collect hundreds of mails, but at least you can go afk while doing it
    it's one of the addons that help me stay sane when dabbling in the glyph market ;)

    And of course there is that feature of the remote action house to collect all money from your mailbox without even logging in...

  4. Set up the "TimeLeft" filter in auctioneer. By setting it to only bid with 2 hours or less left you will greatly reduce number of failed bids.

  5. My suggestions were taken by others. Nev's tip works for me, and Copra's tip is something I do daily--for all auctions, not just gems.

    The bigger question to me might be to ask Robbie if he has been able to find other ways to earn gold? The vendor resale option seems low risk but also very low reward.

    There are many tips on your site and others that give low risk and higher reward than 50s per gem on vendor searches. Even at the 100 or so he is doing per day that is only 50g profit.

  6. If you're using the vendor function, then sort by time left and concentrate on the shortest auctions. Stop when you get to your threshold of "this is too much mail." If you're using snatch lists, I don't recommend duplicating because it's fairly easy to just check or uncheck "allow bids" and focus on immediate or longer term searches depending on how much clicking/mail opening you're willing to do.

  7. When I read Robbie's question, it sounds like the issue is the timesink involved with this entire process. As Copra said, bidding on any auction that doesn't have a duration of short (except just prior to maintenance) is virtually guaranteed to put you back at the mailbox waiting for a refresh to grab all your outbid mail.

    Might be worth picking your battles here.

    @Kammler - wouldn't that be about 800g/day if he's grabbing ~100 uncut gems at 1g/each?

  8. You don't HAVE to bid at the current bid price. Something listed at 7 copper can be instantly put to 20g. It's not just A bid button and then you are done...remember you can enter a set amount down at the bottom before you hit bid.

    The useful case for this is when there's an item worth 100g but the bid is can put 30g in that bid box and check back on the auction before it expires. I think it's worth doing because you will get rid of some potential competition for that item.


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