Friday, March 12, 2010

Titanium Transmute

Why is converting Saronite Ore to Titanium Bars so profitable on many servers?

My idea is that it tends to be a money making strategy that requires multiple characters because the 2 professions, Mining and Alchemy are not a typical combination you find on a single character. Anyone got a Miner/Alchemist? Probably not many. Therefore this is easiest for players with both a miner and an alchemist. If you have both, look into it. There is good money to be made from transmuting and selling on the AH in stacks of 3 and single bars.


  1. I was actually thinking of this very idea the other night before I logged off. Last time I bothered to do the Saronite/Titanium transmute, there was a cooldown on it, but I realized that the transmute spec proc should affect it. So there's definitely potential, in my mind.

    Once the servers come back up, I'll post the results.

  2. Alright, checked this out and have a bit to report. First, some background. I have a transmute alch, miner, and engineer. All of the mats can be obtained by myself for free (and fairly fast, at that) so the results may be biased in my favor. I've only compared prices vs. time spent farming on my own server, your results may vary.

    Transmute: Titanium no longer has a cooldown. This is a great thing. It can also proc from a trans alch. Rate seems to be about the same as with gems and whatnot, which I assume (though can't confirm) is universal. The downside is, you need 8 bars of Saronite for 1 bar of Titanium. So if 8s </= 100g

    If you can buy 8 Saronite/1 Titanium bar, 1 Eternal Fire, 1 Eternal Earth, and 1 Eternal Shadow for less than 100 gold, you have a chance to make a profit. Add in Frozo, the Frozen Orb vendor, and keep an eye on Frozen Orb prices. If they're cheaper than any eternals (which is likely to be fire (like I said, we're assuming no engineer)) you can buy them and put that cost in the formula above.

    This is made even more trivial if you're willing to put up with potential ganking in Wintergrasp to get your own eternals.

    For ease of math, to make...
    One stack of Titanium, you would need 160 Saronite Bars.
    One stack of Titansteel, you would need 480 Saronite Bars, 20 Eternal Fire, 20 Eternal Earth, and 20 Eternal Shadow.

    tl;dr - Transmute: Titanium CAN work, working up to Smelt Titansteel is probably better if you have a gatherer.


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